Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Doesn't Happen in Real Life...

Ann--are you ready for this? School needs you.

Today, I was interrupted from my lunch by the principal. She is really wonderful. I went out into the hall with all kinds of thoughts running through my head (parent in the office? getting fired because of budget cuts? committee stuff I forgot about?). Turns out it was none of those. She told me that a student was found by an Aide sitting in my room at my desk. In my head, I thought, "No big deal." She asked me to check my computer as soon as I could and let me know if there were problems.

There were problems alright.

I checked the history and there was tons of porn. Tons. Not just from one day, but many days.
I use youtube a lot in my class to show video clips of historical events and what not and lately, when youtube "predicts" what I'm typing it has come up with tons of nasty, nasty stuff. I've just shrugged it off... WELL THIS IS WHY!!! He's been doing this for a while. This time, in the dark with the magnetic "lock down" strip covering the window on the door and the door shut. I just feel so bad that he was able to do this in my room, on my computer. I should've locked the door.


Simonds Family said...

I guess the positive is now the kid will be able to get some help. Its sad but it happens a lot more than anyone imagines I think, and it can happen anywhere as I learned working at the on campus labs. Sorry it happened =(

annandjake said...

Oh, wow. Wow. Shoot. I am sorry. For him. How sad! We need to catch up. I miss you!

Linze Kate said...

So sad - we have TONS of blocks up at the school I worked at, but one kid STILL got through. That's when you know it's an addiction - it took SUCH effort. Sorry you have to deal with that, but at least now he can get help.