Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tender Mercies

Today, it was one of my students’ birthdays. He has Aspberger's and Autism, two social and learning disorders. Honestly, he's pretty...entertaining. The other day, he caught my attention after (in a loud, nasally the middle of my lecture), "I'm going to throw up!" I said, "____, what's wrong?" He replied, "I just ate my pencil and I'm going to throw up." I replied, "Hurry and run to the bathroom." I don't want to. I haven't in years." Ok...okk....

The other day, he kept saying things and I couldn't hold in my laughter. I honestly had to leave the room. And, of course, all the students knew exactly what I was doing. Anyways, it was his birthday today and I allowed them to work in partners if I assigned them. He always requests this one student. I know this student, a pretty popular guy, would rather not work with him, but he is so good to him. Today, another good kid in the class asked this student to be his partner and rudely said no. I told him he should and that this student was being so nice to ask him on his birthday. Anyways, he started to throw a fit. So this kid that he usually asks made eye contact with me and gave me a nod. I put them together. What good kids.

Honestly, I'm in a pretty bad part of kid and lots of them are pretty rough. It's really good to see when they show each other that they care for each other even when it is not convenient.

I recognize this is so poorly written, I'm just trying to leave their names out of it. You understand :)