Thursday, February 25, 2010

Walk Out #1

My little students are so cute. About a month ago, I taught them about revolution and when it is appropriate to revolt. Well--the little ones are taking it to heart.

At 8:30 we had a walk out. They are mad because extra-curricular activities are being cut and because they are mad about their class sizes increasing and the quality of education decreasing. I had about 1/3 of my class walk out. Of course, I had heard about it--but I forgot and I was so confused when they started leaving...and coming back when they were to scared to get suspended. Haha--oh those kids. They are now trying to organize revolution #2 at 10:30. We'll see how that goes.

Here are some articles about what is happening to our $30 million in deficit district. - Education equalization bill fails in committee - How would a tax hike for Jordan schools affect residents?

Check it out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dear students,
I am missing a ton of textbooks. If you have any at home, bring them back. Also, if anyone has seen a picture frame like this (with my family picture in it) from my school desk, please return it.

Miss Anderson

I mean, really, who steals a family picture.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Has a Wonderful Job

Well dang. I've been praying to see if I should stay at my school...and I feel like Parent Teacher Conferences have really been an answer to prayer. As every student comes in I just realize how much I love these annoying, funny little people.

Two pairs of parents (confusing family) apologized profusely for the "incident" that happened earlier in the week.

My golden child's parents came and said "we've just heard how cool and fun you are and we just wanted to meet you." I just love these students. I love seeing good, kind-hearted boys. When I told her all the wonderful things he does she started to tear up. I really want to be parents like them. So wonderful--with good, good kids.

And just really kind words from the last two sets of parents--one who was really rough around the edges at the beginning and one who is my wonderful TA.

Anyways, I don't write this to brag...but just because I realize that even in my ridiculously out of control classes, it seems like i might be making some type of an impact. It's a good feeling. A really good feeling. Even makes me want to come back for more (or follow them to the high school).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I repeat...we do NOT have mice

Dear Custodian Mike,

I just wanted to clear up a misconception. You might think we have mice in the Faculty Room, but really, I just have a problem throwing things. You see. Today, I tried to throw away my trash while comfortably seated. Naturally, I missed the trash can and the little trinket of garbage landed securely on the mouse trap. Now you might say, that answers the mystery of one of the set off mouse traps, but what about the other? Well, to answer that question. About two weeks ago, I brought an orange. When I was throwing it around (?) I accidentally kicked it behind the vending machine where, of course, the other mouse trap happens to be. Sorry.

For those of you who actually live in Jordan district and whose taxes might increase because of the sudden need to buy more mouse traps, I apologize and if it will assuage your fears of wasted money, I will even replace them.

My apologies,
Amber Anderson
(From THE entertaining lunch of the first)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Doesn't Happen in Real Life...

Ann--are you ready for this? School needs you.

Today, I was interrupted from my lunch by the principal. She is really wonderful. I went out into the hall with all kinds of thoughts running through my head (parent in the office? getting fired because of budget cuts? committee stuff I forgot about?). Turns out it was none of those. She told me that a student was found by an Aide sitting in my room at my desk. In my head, I thought, "No big deal." She asked me to check my computer as soon as I could and let me know if there were problems.

There were problems alright.

I checked the history and there was tons of porn. Tons. Not just from one day, but many days.
I use youtube a lot in my class to show video clips of historical events and what not and lately, when youtube "predicts" what I'm typing it has come up with tons of nasty, nasty stuff. I've just shrugged it off... WELL THIS IS WHY!!! He's been doing this for a while. This time, in the dark with the magnetic "lock down" strip covering the window on the door and the door shut. I just feel so bad that he was able to do this in my room, on my computer. I should've locked the door.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

In church Sunday, the girl speaking talked about RAK's--Random Acts of Kindness. I was a bit inspired. Here mine are for the past 24 hours.

1. My grandma ironed (and I mean dry cleaners style...) 5 shirts for me that I took to Brigham City. Who would've known how good it feels to wear an ironed shirt. I'm pretty sure I haven't worn this one in 4 years because I didn't want to iron it.
2. I woke up to a note from Cecy telling me to have a good day :)
3. Grandma made me breakfast.
4. Dicksy added me to another week of EFY even though I'll be teaching at the same time. I'll just be working behind the scenes and helping with problems. We had a great chat.
5. We graded papers as a class so I don't have to be grading tests right now.
6. In 7th period, we bonded over my upcoming braces.
7. AND Lorie gave me a hair cut :) Thanks!

Now I should do something for someone else... hm.

Monday, February 15, 2010

THE TMJ Update

Well, it is official. The time with the translucent retainer is about to end. THANK GOODNESS. However, at my last day of the Pocatello experience, I discovered my fate. BRACES. Goo. It's official. I have to get braces.

So, those of you who have had braces before. Do you vote for

Option 1: Clear Braces

or Option 2: Regular braces.
AND does anyone know of a doctor that applies these precious little life savers:
If you are debating in your head right now if you should post advice, sympathy, condolences, or recommendations of orthodontists in the Provo/SLC probably should :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010



I'm thankful for...
my job. friends. kids that get suspended so I remember how wonderful the ones who don't are. new jeans (which I accidentally bought today). good conversation. good dates. inherent good in people. service. people who are just nice to others. Sunday. naps. parents. visitors. family. the Church. temples. personal emails. no work emails. i'm thankful for it all--even the stuff that really hurts--because I know it will get better. He loves me too much for it not too...