Friday, March 28, 2008


warm rain, driving at night, HUGS, my mom, deep conversations, skim milk, holding hands, lotion, my GD calling, girl music, shopping sales, my family, My Savior, temples, families, green eyeshadow, naps, clean sheets, earrings, true friends, Coralie, pictures, the sun, reading, my LDS faith, Kleenex's, gratitude, including everyone, Linnea's cheesecake, soccer, Georgia, teachers, kids, EFY, The Book of Mormon, my Patriarchal Blessing, grapes, repentance, conference, President Hinckley, V8Splash, Reese's Cups, my civic, running, not using crutches, tulips on BYU campus and temple square, Orlando, Disney World, my testimony, sunshine notes, flip flops, my married friends, Michael Buble, chick flicks, scriptures, pny tail holders, ambition, self confidence, LCHS, BYU, missionary friends, my ward, good examples, roses, eye-makeup remover, straight hair, walking home from campus, random, thoughtful phone, road trips, rings, Loritab (when i had the leg incident), water, laying out, vanilla, my job, pink, candles, clean kitchens, considerate people, respect, love, Q-tips, thank you notes, care packages, Orbit gum, grandma's peaches, being athletic, ribbon, jewelry, tender mercies, the beach, the ability i have to be with my family forever, being happy, honesty, chick flicks, pajama bottoms, hoodies, compassion, listening to others, socks, stability, summer, complimenting, compliments, laughing, crying, genuine people, gratitude, scrapbooking, mail, piano music, Papermate blue pens, dancing, joy, peace, being needed, stress, politics, roadtrips to St. George and California, Celine Dion, body pillows, old school EFY friends, growing up in an area with not many members so i had to fight for my beliefs, missionaries, friendship, my iPOD, digital cameras, my planner--my life, schedules, to-do-lists, grocery shopping, my future, my middle name--Lenora, undershirts, stars, walks at night, kind people, people who are nice to everyone--not just when it is convenient, checking things off my to-do-list, GA High School friends, country music, Christmas music, Christmas shopping, jackets, dollar movies, serious conversations, being funny, Sharpie's, Provo, facebook, online banking, EFY CDs, Sunday, seeing other people happy, children, making good grades, brushing my teeth--an addiction of mine, being teased, sarcasm, NERTS, Phase 10, Student Government, alone time, being too involved, Limited Too, sharing, randomness, the view from Y mountain, BYU Football, not drinking, people, letters, debit cards, awkward situations, dresses, the Restoration of the Gospel, my laptop, control, diligence, patience, my future husband, chapstick, sleeping in, Sudoku, bottled water, eyeliner, boys who wear plaid shorts, journals, my scriptures, marshmallow coats, Utah's mountains, scary movies (love to hate them), cream cheese, flowers, studying in the grass, warm weather, breezes...

...THIS is what i love...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Excursion

My old roommate and I decided to travel home to surprise our families for the Easter weekend. At BYU, we don't get a spring break so we skipped some classes and departed for California at 8pm Thursday night. We had some great conversations--those ones that really make you feel like the college education has paid off. We philosophized (is that even a word?) about politics, religion, the future. I am realizing that it is not my classes that I will remember after I leave BYU. It is the ridiculous amount of overnighters pulled for no reason, the spontaneity of college adventures, are the relationships I gain with the people I meet. I would have HATED life if i was in that car by myself for 16 hours (and even did at when we pulled over to take a power nap at 3am in an obscure town in southern Utah and were SO frustrated because we couldn't sleep) but there were so many factors that made it great.

It was SO awesome to be with my family. I realize that I had never been home (except for Thanksgiving) during the school semester. It was hard to try to balance doing homework and spending time with my family (which is why I got absolutely no homework done), but it was so refreshing to be around people that I already know and love and don't feel obligated to entertain or impress. I even got some groceries to bring back!! haha--What a great weekend :)

Below is posted the only single picture that was taken the entire was to be the first of hundreds that we were going to post (documenting the time we left Provo)...but, yeah, that didn't happen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

President Hinckley's Passing

I found out that President Hinckley died while I was at a gathering Sunday night with some people who are in my BYU ward. Everyone started getting text messages and phone calls within a few minutes from family and friends telling us that our Prophet had died.

The following Friday, I was able to go to his viewing. I was on my way to Brigham City for the weekend and decided to drive by Downtown Salt Lake. I then proceeded to get out of my car...and even get in line. I waited in 16 degree weather for two hours and another 2 hours inside the conference center. It was such a cold, yet special experience. The feeling I felt as I walked through the room to view his body was so unique. I know that he was called of God. I know it. It was a sad, yet sweet experience. I am glad I had the opportunity to go--freezing weather and all.

President Hinckley is the only leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I can remember. He was always so encouraging and so loving, especially to the youth of the Church. From his teachings, I have learned to treat others more kindly, be optimistic, show love more often, appreciate more, and criticize less. I love my Savior. I am grateful for his sacrifice so that we can all return to live with him again. I am excited for President Hinckley and know that he is now reunited with his sweetheart. How great our Heavenly Father's plan is that we can return to live with Him again!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Winter Teaching and Mitt Romney

Ok--let's be honest. I have always thought this blogging thing was kind of lame. But--I guess it never hurts to try new things, right? I guess I will catch up on the last few months of my life...

I am still going to school at BYU. I am a Junior and finally taking some education classes (I honestly think they are mostly common knowledge, but that could be some hindsight bias shining through). I have LOVED observing the schools I have been to. When the 5th Grade Kids at Scera Park Elementary made me all these thank you pictures (after being there for a whopping 5 days), I felt so loved. The card from the little black boy (who I really, really want to adopt was my favorite). It said, "I love your blond hair. Your heart is big and red and mine is small and black." I seriously wanted to adopt him on the spot. Maybe, I should change my major from Secondary Education to Elementary Education--or MAYBE, I should get married and have my own children! (Don't worry, Dad. That won't happen for quite some time!)

I just asked my coworker what happened to me in January and she said "Mitt Romney." It is true. I was absolutely obsessed. I am obsessed. On caucus/primary days, I was glued to frantically clicking refresh on every minute. I have liked Mitt Romney for a long time, but did not actively get involved with the campaign until December. I have some friends from EFY who introduced me to the wonderful Mitt Romney Provo Call Center and I was hooked. The first call I made I HATED--let's be honest--who likes making phone calls. We were calling Iowa for the infamous caucuses and I knew Mitt was my politician when I talked to a man who told me his wife had named "her dumb dog after him." hahaha--I about died. I also had the opportunity to call the Wettlaufer's of Iowa. I was SO excited because I have two friends with the last name of Wettlaufer. Naturally, I thought they were related and decided to ask when they answered the phone. WELL--the Iowa Wettlaufer's did not answer their phone, so I decided to announce that I went to school their (probable) long lost relatives over the answering machine. I left my message, concluded with "this call was paid for by Mitt Romney for President," and then said "oh, and I go to school with Melissa and Katelyn Wettlaufer who you are probably related to! Have a good day!" I then called Katelyn, and you guessed it, no relation. hahaha--I felt like an idiot.

The greatest and most sporadic thing that happened in January was our trip to the Nevada Caucus. It was SO fun. I went up with a group of friends from EFY and BYUSA and got to know them a lot better. We made hundreds of phone calls, knocked on hundreds of doors, and WON!!! It was so great. We got to meet Mitt's wife, Ann. She was incredible. She had an apparent love for her husband and a great vision for the things she knew he could accomplish. Overall, it was such a great trip. I learned so much and I really got to better know some really quality people. It was the people I was with that made the trip...and who can forget those majestic Bellagio fountains (and loosing a cell phone in a random bush).