Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NYC 2011

Over MLK weekend, I was able to take a trip with a few friends. We went to NYC (perhaps you've heard of it). We did so many fun things and are so fortunate to have had a connection with a very generous family (you know who you are). It was a great time and I was reminded how lucky I am to have such incredible roommates. Some of the most memorable times were just sitting around playing NERTZ and chatting before bed. Oh man...what a trip! I love America!

(here is a QUICK, quick, very out of order, summary of events)

Battery Park. Berlin Wall chunk.
Ellis Island. This man was mad at me for attempting to run off the boat to take a picture. Whoops.
Ellis Island. May remind you of Hitch (which we did watch, along with You've Got Mail, a NY must)

The roommates at the Statue of Liberty

Beautiful (COLD) day. The towers would have been there.
Underground in the Statue of Liberty museum. Let me please call attention to my outerwear. I would have died if Kristen didn't turn on her mother mode and MAKE me buy gloves, boots, and a hat. I seriously, seriously would've been miserable. Really.
This was the original torch, but I think it retained water or something so they decided to put out one that was easier to maintain.
Lady Liberty has no bad side.
Hilarious!!! Apparently, this is what happened to us.
Brooklyn Bridge. COLDEST night of my entire mortal existance.
Observing the night skyline. Deep in thought.
I know it's blurry, but look how happy we are!
At Kristen's apartment. Love that little place.
A mummy. Thank goodness we saved it from the craziness that is occurring in Egypt.
Kristen explained to me how this is art. Very impressive. Turns out Kristen can make museums bearable.
I think this should be Kristen's new FB profile picture. Don't you agree. Fascinating.
She taught me about this. Ask her if you need details.
Central Park on Sunday.

After church, we sat by the heater and looked at the view, while enjoying Ben and Jerry's (and Marge with her sorbet)
Went to church. Love it.
Planet Hollywood for supper after the Broadway show. Hilarious waiter.
THE Will Smith put his hands here. Sigh.
"In New York, New York, New York. Concrete jungles..."

This is a private place. The security guard will teach you that if you forget...
NYSE headquarters (I think)
This is where GW himself was inaugurated!!! We searched all over for it!
Street vendors. The boys and Marge LOVED it. I thought it was sub par. Don't tell.
Braden, Marge, Wade, Kristen, and I at the Bull.
Trinity Church/Ground Zero
Little Italy/China/some ethnic place. LOBSTERS!!! My favorite picture of K.
I'm not sure where this is but I love it.
Canal Street at a Starbucks. A very common place to attend during this trip.
Brooklyn Diner. Delish

Kristen made this AWESOME scavenger hunt for us taking us to many of the quick touristy places across the city. It was pretty spectacular and tons of fun. Wade and I were partners. It was a fun adventure!
Diamonds are a girls best friend :)

Rockefeller Center
Lego impersonation of the Rockefeller statue. Incredible! I was blown away.
NBA store
The Jazz stretch far across the country!
Radio City is in the far distance
Grand Central Station!

Cute little flower shop
Street Performers
What more do you need in life?

What an amazing trip! We were so fortunate to have jobs that allowed us to take a little hiatus! Where should we go next?