Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOT Saved by the Bell

I looked up from my desk in between bells to see 3 of my male students awkwardly walking around my room. I asked if I could help them, and one of them said, "yes." It was apparent that he was the ring leader and the others were there for moral support. He came over to my desk and asked me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes but also covered my mouth. He said, "Nooo! You can't cover your face, just your eyes!" Super suspicious at this time, I covered my whole face and allowed my eyes to peak through my fingers. He said no once again and I saw a glimpse of a Hershey's kiss squeezed in his hands. The boys got frustrated (and giggly) and left my class conquered but not done.

One period passes.

The bell rang again and in came the trio. The boys learned to be less suspicous and started going through my files (which happened to be for another class). One asked me to stand up so I stood up. BUT THEN, super quickly he moved in super close to my face and said, "I've been waiting to do this for a while..." and handed me a Hershey's kiss. I shooed them out of my room and told them how obnoxious they were.

One period passes.

This time, I didn't see a thing. I was sending an email and all of a sudden, the same kid is on one knee by my desk. "Miss Anderson, I have a question to ask you. Will one of my muddy buddies?" I couldn't help but laughing. Then, I looked up and noticed that the two accomplices were sitting in the desks of my class.

They are just too much. Let's be honest. They are hilarious and I can't get mad at them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Surprise Visitor

Well, school has started and on this blog that means less pictures and more funny stories. So, here is one for you.

At my school, I have a "special" assignment. I have more of the at-risk kids. I was responding to an email while my student teacher was teaching and I saw a warm body moving towards me from the door entrance. By the time I realized who it was, this student was already moving in for a hug. I slapped my hand over my mouth to keep from squealing (and dodged the full on hug) and guided him out into the hall. Then I just gushed over him. About 4 minutes into our conversation that went something like this, "Are you being good? Are you sure? Are you lying to me? Do you promise? I'm so proud of you. I can trust you, right? I'm so happy!" I realized that he was WET. Yes, wet. At first, I thought it was just sweat (which accounted for the dripping moisture from his face) but then, I realized he had a wet line across his chest. I asked how he was wet.

OH, don't worry! He swam across the canal to get to the middle school. He was sweaty because he ran the remainder of the way from the canal to the school. THEN, he had to swim back across the canal to get back to the high school.

Where do you get stories like these?

Today, I also taught that "damn" is a cuss word. I also responded to the question, "Why is North Dakota above South Dakota." Yep, 9th grade, ladies and gentleman. They'll be on the road in a few short months. For some reason, I just adore them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is Humility

Well, this is how I learned about humility this week. Note to self: If you are an annoying BYU fan to your students/faculty, they will, in return, be annoying U fans when the U creams BYU. Duly noted. 

This is what I sent out to the whole faculty:

Dear teachers,

(My principal) asked me to send this to all of you. She left it out of collaboration on accident. It should’ve been inserted into the agenda after going over the “Norms.” It correlates directly to all of the Edmodo stuff I presented last week. You don’t want to miss it!

Here is the link:
(Make sure your volume is turned on, and yes it is appropriate to watch with all of your students in the room...)

Much love,

This is what I got in my inbox in return:
--That was the year that BYU went to the BCS, wasn’t it?  Oh wait.  They haven’t been to a BCS bowl, have they?! GO UTES!!!!  
-- Lol…. You're a brat… hahaha… So funny… even though I'm a UTE!!!
--Very clever - has the facade of something "official," but really, it is a jab at the Utah fans  

And the worst response of them all:
 Yep--the score. They certainly aren't letting me forget it. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Juls/Rascal Flatts

Juls got married! She was so beautiful and it was such an awesome 2 days. Dustin and Juls are such a perfect match. He is so sweet to him and it's good to see that they adore each other so much. 
 This is at her reception, which she had the night before
 Linnea, one of my old roommates was her photographer and it was SO great to see her :) She is an incredible photographer. Here is her blog if you'd like to check it out:
 Dustin and Juls after the sealing at the Salt Lake City Temple
 Sara Evans and Rascal Flats with a few friends.
Cherise, Tavin, Lisa, Sarah, Mike, and Amy

It was a great weekend :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teaching: Take 3

Here we go again! It's time to begin school. This summer seriously flew by, but it's great to have structure and accomplishment again in life. Here is to year 3!  

 This is my class room. It's an older school, but I just love it. Please note the 1930's fill-up-water swamp cooler in the back of my room (Thanks, Anne!!!) My school doesn't have AC (nor does it have outlets on 1/2 of the walls, which means there are some pretty sweet extension cords running along the back of the room...) but it allows us to get the job done just fine.
 Please note the 6 columns on the calendar on my board. That's right, I teach SIX subjects this year (but might drop one of them...). Also, please notice my sweet Dumbledore quote that James put on my wall.

 My BYU wall meets the Wall of the Unknown Student. That's where my no name papers get thrown.

The first day of school, my students drew continents on oranges and then we peeled them and drew maps based on what they saw to teach inaccurate map projections. They were a hoot.

I love my students. It should be an entertaining year! The crazy stories are flowing all ready.
Sugarland and Sarah Bareillis 
This was the last concert of summer. It was a blast! 
Kristen and I

Sarah and I 


I found this at Old Navy. Does any one else think it's hilarious that they would sell BYU bottle openers? I mean...what would BYU fans open with this? Hmmmm... For some reason they didn't sell to well.