Friday, April 25, 2008

A Year in Pictures

I went with my family to Disney Land :) It was so fun to be around them, especially because I am not home very often. Our faces explain everyones attitudes of roller costers. I moved to Condo Row and got new roommates! I knew Kendra before from the dorms and Glenwood but Ashley and Lisa were new ones. They are so great and there has been no arguing, drama, annoyances, or any of that girl drama. Well I haven't noticed it anyways...Then again, i might be the cause of it.

My family was supposed to go to Seattle for vacation but my dad wasn't able to leave work, so he gave me his ticket! I flew out for the weekend and took a much appreciated week off of school. It was a great week. To satisfy my brother, we went to Safeco field (where the Mariners play) and took the tour. My brother is growing up...he is cute again!!! (don't read that wrong...he was just the cutest little boy EVER!!!)
My mom and I tried to break out of the dugout...she is funny. haha---oh wow.

I made fruit pizza with my newly gained cooking skills from my HFL class. My grandparents always do so much for us. They are so skinny! We tried to fatten them up a bit. It was great to be around them for the weekend!
BYU football!!!

Linze got us great football game seats. This is a group of EFY counselors I met this past summer. Cosmo decided to join us for the evening. We had front row seats to all of the games :) Welcome to my life in Provo. It snowed. It always snowes. It is April 25 and it snowed yesterday for graduation. I do love that the cheerleaders are singing "once there was a snowman" on the football field. Everybody, welcome to Provo!

Coralie always takes so great care of me. She has been married for 3ish years and has the cutest baby, Jaden. She is always bringing me food, inviting me over to dinner, and visiting me at work. What a best friend. I love her little family!!

The old roommates reunited for Linnea's birthday. All last year, they tried to get me to have "photo shoots" and lets be honest, i never did. I enjoyed sleep. BUT--we had a photo shoot and it was fun to be around them again. I miss those girls!!! I REALLY miss them!
I already wrote about this but Novemberish-February i campaigned for Mitt Romeny. A group of students from BYU (above) traveled to Las Vegas to campaign for the caucus. This was our smaller group. It was a great opportunity to become more politically involved and get to know great people. I know that it is the people I was with that made the trip. We had a blast with one another and enjoyed the great driving skills, random sleep overs, and even pulled over a few times for an individual to throw up (don't worry...he wasn't sick...he was laughing to hard).
The BYUSA elections took up quite some time! Adam and Chance ran for BYUSA President and Vice President and all these people in the above picture (and many, many more) campaigned for months. We worked so hard. During the actual campaign week we were all campaigning from 7AM and making signs and phone calls until midnight. It was quite the experience (and our grades for the semester will probably reflect that...)Oh yeah, WE WON!!! These were pictures from the victory party at Bamboo Hut. SO GOOD.
This typifies my relationship with Linze...

Chance went to DC for the week to speak at the Republican National Committee convention and we went to pick him up from the airport. Linze made it just in time with a banner from the campaign. haha--we got some interesting looks that night...For those of you who do not know, i have had over 20 children. I have been a Family Home Evening "mom" in my ward. My "husband" and I planned activities and lessons for every Monday night this school year. It is a program that our church has instituted to improve family relationships and learn Christian principles in the home. Since we are at BYU we don't really have our families nearby, so we were divided into "families."

We got to know each other really well...and went Classic Skating. Don't you worry, they even had Britney Spears and Hannah Montana videos playing on the wall inside the rink. Remember when it was the cool thing to do to go skating on Friday nights in middle school at Stardust? those were the days...

We even went to the Bean Museum and touched things...ugh.
To cap the semester off, Kendra, my roommate, got her mission call. She is going to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the next 18 months. She will be such a great missionary and we will really miss her!!

This has been a year in review.... what a great school year!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Semester Gone...

Today was the last day of classes! I cannot believe it. I feel that this semester went by considerably slower. I am not sure why, but it might be because it is still cold. Yesterday, it reached 80 degrees and today it snowed--yes, SNOWED!! I could not believe it. It is hard to believe that I am 3/4 of the way done with college. It seems like just yesterday I was graduating at Lee County, saying bye to all of my high school friends, and driving across the country to California with my family. It is crazy to think how quickly time goes. It is also amazing to me how life changes, but it is always for the best. Leaving high school, I didn't think life could get much better. A small town like Leesburg, Georgia allows everyone to know eachother and be known. While this did have its consequences, it was great to know people at all the time. Lately, BYU has been this way as well. With so many connections from past wards, EFY, BYUSA, California, and Georgia, it is great to know so many amazing people. With this always comes a feeling of inadequacy...but what a great feeling this is! THe opportunity to continue to work and better myself so that one day I will be able to better serve my family and loved ones. Isn't that what life is all about? Stealing others ideas and implementing them into our own lives :)

Well, to stop rambling, another semester is gone. It has been a great semester with no regrets--mostly. Of course, there will always be the assignments I should have spent more time on and people I should have spent more time with--but if we did everything right all the time, we would never have a need to improve, which is the purpose of life on this earth.

How greatful I am to be at BYU. A campus that allows so much independence, yet can secretly unite thousands of people in a "freeze mob" thanks to the workings of facebook. A place where people take pride in following the teachings of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and show this in the way they live their lives. I'm glad I can be at BYU and i'm excited to keep working to improve myself :) Happy Spring! I hope it doesn't snow wherever you live...and may this be a productive reading day!

(This is how we spent our last reading day)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Compliment of the Day?

My boss just told me (in a serious and sorrowful tone) that she thinks I have leukemia. As comforting as this is, I hope she is wrong.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Signs of Old Age...AH!!!

#1--I started a blog. Yes, that thing that married couples to to show their family vacations and pregnancy photos, that is what blogs are for. A family journal, if you will (or a way to show off cute kids). And, I began one...kidless.
#2--I attended a book party. Yes, it is on the list of Mary Kay parties, jewelry parties, Avon parties, and Pampered Chef parties. Every one was buying books for their toddlers, nephews, and grandchildren and telling great success stories of childhood reading. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with this and think it is essential. Unfortunately, I do not have grandchildren, nephews, or toddlers. So yes, not only did I attend a book party, but I also bought a book. It is pictured on the right. Why did I buy a book on Martin Luther King, Jr for ages 7 and up? No idea--I am becoming like my grandma who buys Bath and Body Works goods every time she receives a coupon (we don't think she knows she can let those monthly coupons go to waste--that she doesn't HAVE to use them). Anyways, I love that my grandma does this because she is so generous and sends me many appreciated care packages. Now, I am rambling. I am getting old!
#3--I am becoming indecisive (for lack of a better word). There are so many new things I want to do! Add a minor in Political Science, learn ASL, learn Spanish, student teach in DC, go to DC and NY, get married (haha), do BYUSA, keep working, get my Masters, the list continues...So basically, there are just way too many great things to do and not enough time to do it in unless I become a lifelong student at BYU. That is not going to happen.
#4--I can no longer get by with 4 hours of sleep nightly like Freshman Year. I need at least 5.
#5--I took a cooking class. For Fun. Who does that?