Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Apparently, We LOVE polo's...or each other

For BYU Team 3's off week, we all headed to sunny California. I planned on coming home to Apple Valley for the two weeks off and the team planned on coming down to go to Magic Mountain. Glen and I drove to California Sunday night and the rest of the team (with Jessica in spirit) met us at my parents house on Monday night. We had some great adventures!Adventure #1...I got in trouble for standing up on the ride and minutes later Glen ran across the tube to avoid water. Well, security was called and we almost got kicked out of the park. DO NOT stand up on rides!!
Adventure #2...my little brother, Sheldon, came along. He was a great sport and we even got him on a few roller coasters.
Adventure #3...we met some furry creatures on our way to leave the park for Wendy's. (Why did we walk a mile to Wendy's?!?)
Adventure #4...About 25% of the park had been to EFY at one time and kept stopping us to ask if we knew their counselors. I even saw my participant!
Adventure #5...Brendan kicked over Batman's head and he even cracked a smile.

Adventure #6...We went to the LA temple and did baptisms with a youth group. The guys spent a really long time on their hair so we spent longer than expected--but it was so worth it!
Adventure #7...Oh Venice beach. Need i say more?
Adventure #8...we got to the beach so late that we planned on just walking around and flying a kite. Naturally, the guys tossed us all in.

What a great way to spend a week. We even were able to figure out the confusing highways and get back home (even though we ended up in Pasadena and missed Hollywood). I am so grateful for our team. We are all so different, but we work together so well. I am blessed to be around so many quality people. And they are hilarious, too. SO HILARIOUS.

Kendra's Mission Farewell

Today, Kendra Left on her mission. She will be serving in the Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission for the next 18 months. She will be a great missionary!
While Kendra is gone we will make sure Kyle Korver waits for her and hopefully have fairy tale romances of our own ;)

1. Bone face, White Lightening, and some other horse. I couldn't resist: Erik's ears.
2. Cody, Erik, Payton, Tyler, Derrick, Nate, Lisa, Kendra, me, Lisa
3. Lisa, Kendra, and I--Old roommates

Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright--HEY!!! EFY!

Those of you who know me (and hopefully, all of you who are reading this do), you probably know that I work for Especially for Youth during the summers. EFY is a program sponsored by the Church Educational System of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each summer 50,000 youth attend sessions across the world. Throughout the week they participate in classes, dances, devotionals, service activities, and other activities--and usually, they love it. I love it! I went growing up with my friend, Amber, and it was great to go learn of Christ and meet so many good people.

The last 2 years, I have been a counselor which I absolutely loved. This year I am a building counselor, which is a little different. Instead of having youth, I have counselors. I am kind of a counselor's counselor. I really, really miss having youth. I love being a BC and teaching the counselors to be better teachers. I love problem solving and figuring out logistical problems. I do really miss having my own girls, though.
My first week this summer, my counselor had to leave early for a funeral, so I was able to be a counselor for a day. It was really hard to juggle both duties, but it was great to get to know so many good kids. It was the best of both worlds (yes, I just quoted Hannah Montana). So this week, I was choosing rooms to assign for something later in the week, and i found this little guy, with his arms in his shirt, in a corner asleep. Naturally we took a picture (for the slide show) and I woke him up and sent him to class. When I became a counselor on Thursday, I inherited this little ball of joy. Here is a picture of him knitting a hat--and yes he is threading the yarn through both of his big toes. We at EFY are very sanitary. Friday, I also got to wake him up while asleep on his scriptures during gospel study, under a pew during a class, asleep out in the grass, and in numerous other places. What a cute little guy.
Some of our BC team and others (YAY Brooke and Whitney!) went to the Real Salt Lake game and to Applebee's. It was so funny that we later discovered someone "peed their pants--a little bit" hahaha.
Matt, me, Brendan, Emily, and Jessica--The BCs minus Glen (Week 3--Provo 4B)
Matt, Chelsea, Brendan, and Jessica all admiring Emily's great slide show


Last month, my Grandma Worthen passed away. She went into open heart surgery to have a valve replaced. After the surgery she seemed fine, but then complications arose. She went into a coma and never woke up. It was a very tender time for my family and me. It was so hard to be at school in Utah and unable to be there, to say goodbye, or to comfort family members. When I reached Seattle, it was very hard for me to walk back into my grandparent's home--to see my grandpa alone, and no one snoozing in the blue chair. At the funeral, I offered the opening prayer and our family sang, "I Am a Child of God." I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the ability it gives us to be with our families eternally. I know that I am at peace because I know I will see my grandmother again. I know that she is watching over us from above, hoping that we make correct decisions so that we can see each other again. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and created this plan for us to be happy--now and forever. I know that my grandma knew this. I am so thankful for my Savior and the potential we have to live with our families again.

Memories of Grandma
--"Those Jerks lost again!" In reference to the Seattle Mariners
--Random college care packages with address labels stuck all over everything (like oatmeal packets)
--Shopping trips
--Weekly phone calls
--Sleeping in the blue chair with her scriptures on her lap
--Grandma's Pretzel Salad
--"Amber, we are proud of you!"

I'll miss you grandma!