Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kendra's Mission Farewell

Today, Kendra Left on her mission. She will be serving in the Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission for the next 18 months. She will be a great missionary!
While Kendra is gone we will make sure Kyle Korver waits for her and hopefully have fairy tale romances of our own ;)

1. Bone face, White Lightening, and some other horse. I couldn't resist: Erik's ears.
2. Cody, Erik, Payton, Tyler, Derrick, Nate, Lisa, Kendra, me, Lisa
3. Lisa, Kendra, and I--Old roommates


Maren said...

Oh I wish I could have gone! I feel like an awful friend, I haven't seen Kendra since I came to your guys's (man, sometimes I do wish I could just say y'all :P )apartment at the beginning of Fall semester! You need to give me her address so I can write her...I'll have to remember to ask you for it later

Lisa said...

Ummm...I need those pictures! And probably some other ones too. We should work on that soon. And I miss Kendra lots!