Thursday, June 28, 2012

BYU Rugby

We love BYU. They won the game making them 2012 National Champions! 
Amber, Mike, Matt, Courtlin, Kristen

Ryan, Katie, Lisa, Eric, Tavin, and Christopher

Poore's Wedding

 These lovely ladies and I drove to St. George, Utah to watch Poore get married. You'll notice I'm referring to her by her last name, which is because we all teach together. We are lucky we have such a fun faculty.
 Stopping to eat in Cedar City. Steak? Yes, please.
Outside the St. George Temple
Christy and I

The happy couple

She's beautiful! 

Roommate Reunion

My grandma told me she checks my blog every night and she is disappointed. I told her that the next time I was in a boring class, I'd update it. That time has come. 
 Amelia's first black person. We love Crystal!
 The roommates, reunited.

Mary Rose, me, Amelia, Crystal, Linnea, and Heidi

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School's Out!

Here are some pictures from the last few days of school:
 While administering my students a practice AP test, my room got vandalized with Utah crap. This is us preparing for the retaliation...

 Before trashing her room...

 After trashing her room... I planted live fish in her desk :)

 LAGOON DAY!!! It's really hard to take a day off to chaperone 9th graders, but someone has to do it...

 Christy, Russell, Mike, Seth, Chelsea, Ash, Cynthia, Me, Janae, Poore

Now, for summertime!