Friday, July 22, 2011


The next week was also pretty great. Besides taking the GRE and breaking some ribs, we were able to go white water rafting with our church group. There were about 150 of us who traveled to Thane, Wyoming, camped out, ate great food, enjoyed each others company, got eaten by mosquitos, slept in a hay field, killed spiders, roasted marshmallows, had some workshops, shared our testimonies, and rode the Snake River. It was awesome. Here are the 2 pictures I have...
I wasn't lying about the hay!
New Friends

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July: Kenny Chesney Concert

A few weeks ago, a group of us went to the Kenny Chesney, Uncle Cracker and Billy Currington concert. It was SOOO much fun and I realized that I like country concerts infinitely better than other concerts. Everyone is happy, swaying with their beer (or Diet Dokes in our case), singing, dancing, and just enjoying the night. It was so much fun and I'm lucky to have so many great friends to share the night with.Ryan, Amber (eating again, not suprised), and Tavin
Christy and Sam (we teach together. They're engaged :))
Sarah and I--we love each other

Sarah, me, and Amy--We all coordinated EFY last summer and here we are together still!
Amy, Sarah, me, and Christy

It was such a fun night!
A few memorable experiences:
-The drunk woman picking me up and putting me on other peoples shoulders to "plank"
-Another drunk woman going to the bathroom behind two blankets in front of her kids. Embarrassing
-Ryan promising he would take me to the bathroom and LYING.
Morale of the story. People do dumb things when they are drunk (but they are slightly entertaining for those who watch...)
Just a perfect night.

Monday, July 11, 2011

June: Week 5

The last week of June, a few friends and I traveled to St. George. Ryan and his family were so generous and allowed us to stay in their home while they are mission presidents. Here are some pictures from the trip!!We hiked through this river in Zion's National Park. It's called the Narrows and it was AWESOME!!
Hiking the river
The girls: Amy, me, and Marge
We also went to the Grand Canyon. It was a pretty amazing hole in the ground. I think I've been before but couldn't remember it. The best part was throwing rocks off of it. :) Haha otherwise, it's seriously just a big hole... (Marge, Tavin, Amy, me, and Ryan)
The GC
Amy and Ryan. If they are ever in love, they'll appreciate this picture.
Amy and I