Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Few Weeks of Summer

Well, it's official! I'm done with EFY. Here is a highlight reel of 4 or so weeks of summer. Tommorrow, I become, Miss. Anderson. Oh, wow...
We went our friend Mandy's cabin in Preston, Idaho. That's right--home of Napoleon Dynamite. We fought a forest fire after church, roasted marshmallows, ate tons, and visited a rope swing. It was great. We were so spoiled.
It is tradition that I feed Megan french toast sticks Saturday morning. We spilled a bit on John and were trying to help him out. Whoops.

Brother and Sister Bacon and the team of EFY Rexburg 7
Glen and I--One of my best friends. We worked together last summer in Provo.
Crazy Counselors
These girls challenged me to an Oreo eating contest. I told them I was at a disadvantage because of my retainer. They went and got theirs. It was a bonding experience.
Brendan, Courtney, and Summer
The Oreo eating contest in action. I just love them.
At the Demolition Derby in Ogden, Brad won a contest and got to dance with Ms. Weber. It was magical.
I felt like I was back in the South. So entertaining!!!
Yes--we wore the Polos...
The yarn web of love. We did this on Janelle's last Thursday night. You know the drill--you tell someone what you love about them and then toss the yarn. It was a two hour fest of love. I miss them already...
The girls in front of the temple on our bonding night.
The team, minus brad. And yes, I am trying to put my retainer down Brendan's throat. I wonder why he had a problem with that?
The pretend picture.
Brendan's birthday :)