Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Few Weeks of Summer

Well, it's official! I'm done with EFY. Here is a highlight reel of 4 or so weeks of summer. Tommorrow, I become, Miss. Anderson. Oh, wow...
We went our friend Mandy's cabin in Preston, Idaho. That's right--home of Napoleon Dynamite. We fought a forest fire after church, roasted marshmallows, ate tons, and visited a rope swing. It was great. We were so spoiled.
It is tradition that I feed Megan french toast sticks Saturday morning. We spilled a bit on John and were trying to help him out. Whoops.

Brother and Sister Bacon and the team of EFY Rexburg 7
Glen and I--One of my best friends. We worked together last summer in Provo.
Crazy Counselors
These girls challenged me to an Oreo eating contest. I told them I was at a disadvantage because of my retainer. They went and got theirs. It was a bonding experience.
Brendan, Courtney, and Summer
The Oreo eating contest in action. I just love them.
At the Demolition Derby in Ogden, Brad won a contest and got to dance with Ms. Weber. It was magical.
I felt like I was back in the South. So entertaining!!!
Yes--we wore the Polos...
The yarn web of love. We did this on Janelle's last Thursday night. You know the drill--you tell someone what you love about them and then toss the yarn. It was a two hour fest of love. I miss them already...
The girls in front of the temple on our bonding night.
The team, minus brad. And yes, I am trying to put my retainer down Brendan's throat. I wonder why he had a problem with that?
The pretend picture.
Brendan's birthday :)


Simonds Family said...

That retainer is pretty sweet, but the question is, like mine, does it have your name and phone number on it for easy digit giving? =)

Adam R. said...

Where is that middle school?

Christina Marie said...

So fun Amber! Weird to think that your Miss Anderson! (Better than Miss Hogewoning though. lol) That's so exciting though! You're going to be an amazing teacher! Your kids will love you! Miss you and I wish you the best! :)