Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Learned from Her...

--I have learned to work hard and not complain.
--I have learned to love.
--I have gained self-worth as she compliments me undeservingly.
--I have learned to serve unselfishly.
--I have learned to laugh. I love her laugh.
--I have learned to respect others.
--I have learned to cook, clean, and be creative.
--I am who I am because of my mom.

She sent me this video. I wonder if she realizes it reminds me of her.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leaving BYU, I will miss...

Friends. BYU. Spring tulips. falling asleep studying in the grass. being productive in the library. Petitions Office. good guys who treat me so well. Coworkers. Zupa's. 63rd ward. smiles. crunching snow. people working to be better. ambition. learning. roommates. the atmosphere. the MOA cafe. power naps in library cubical. BYU carrot cake. EFY kids in summertime. scruff on the guys on non-test taking days. marshmallow coats. dance-off's vs. W10 through the window across the street. EFY reunions. learning to serve from my roommates. relating secular knowledge to gospel principles. having church on campus (ok...maybe not). the student section at BYU football games. Salt Lake. being so close to the temple. Brigham City getaways. no drinking. grandma's peaches. "when courting..." catchphrase. peanut butter trails ice cream. roommate reunions. running into old friends late in the library. married people. always something to do. Jamba. flowers. Costa Vida. stress. the testing center. devotional. the list continues...

What do you love most about BYU?

Monday, December 15, 2008


I deleted all the links of peoples blogs somehow? Please send me your link so I can add it again! Thanks :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I really am blessed. Sometimes it takes really hard times or really great times to recognize this. These past few weeks have been really difficult for me. So many life changing decisions have decided to pop out of the woodwork. I'm grateful for such incredible friends and roommates who have helped me through the process of doubt and fear. Life really is great.

Last week, I went to the McKay School Scholarship Office to see about receiving a loan. I'll be going to Washington, DC next semester to student teach and we do not get paid. I've worked my entire college career and I just didn't know what I would do with tuition, a car payment, rent, travel, etc. I asked what I needed to do to receive a loan. He said that my application was lost and asked me to tell him about myself. I told him I am from Georgia but my family lives in California. All of a sudden he started frantically typing. A few minutes later, he handed me a form showing that I had received $2,040 to cover tuition. Apparently, there is a non-LDS benefactor who gives money to California students in the education program. I honestly could not believe it. I was floored. I still needed to figure out how to cover rent and travel expenses, so I asked about a loan again. He said there was no funding. I jokingly asked if it was too late to apply for this semester. He said it wasn't! He awarded me an additional $2,040 for tuition this semester that will be refunded to my account. Then I can use it for rent! I cannot even believe how fortunate I am.

Here are some other things I am grateful for...

Whoever you are, thank you so much for your generosity. I owe so much to you. Thank you. Thank you.