Saturday, October 13, 2012


 Gloriana Concert

 Mike and I made a brilliant match tower and apple nachos. Talented. I know.

 I ran my first race! I realize that most people are proud to run half-marathons and marathons at this point of our life...but I ran a 5K at our high school. It was awesome feeling the sense of community that the students/parents/school had to offer. Oh, and I got 3rd in my decade dision and 8th out of all the girls!
Casteneda and I
 My favorite people in the world!
I taught them well...

Zions' National Park Trip

 A group of us made the drive down to Zions' over Labor Day. It was a fun trip! We joined up with some people in the ward who had perfectly planned out quite the adventure. They took great care of us. We hiked the Narrows and Angels Landing. Loved it.

 The group after Angels Landing.
 We were in stand still traffic on the way down. Russ decided he could walk faster than driving...

Best Time of the Year (besides summer)

 Well, I graded my summer assignments by the pool one last time. Now, school is back in session...
 Which means...
FOOTBALL!!! I love fall...almost as much as summer. BYU football is back. I love it.

Brigham City

 Before school started up again, I ventured up to Brigham City to tour the new temple and visit family. I was able to go to BC on two occasions. Once was with Mary Rose and her little one. I also went up for Peach Days and was fortunate enough to spend time with my family!

 Grayson and I
 Sheldon and Grayson

 Sheldon, Kort, and Kort's friend
 Cecy, Grayson, and Jared
 Kylii, Jordan, and Grandma
Cecy and Grayson

California Bound

 When I returned for Germany, I jumped back into the everyday swing of things. I worked really hard and caught up on 2 weeks of grad school and then left for California to visit my family.
 This is Casey. We met on the flight and became great friends. We had great conversation about politics, love, religion, etc. You name it, we discussed it. Guaranteed.
 Back with the brother
 We went to a few Angels games with our parents season tickets.
 ...and walked down to the beach.
 I met some cool people and got a tour of a fire station.
Sometimes, I get bored in games...

Germany: Day 13

 The trip wrapped up all too quickly. I certainly met some wonderful people while I was there. Honestly, they were my favorite part.

 We visited the German government building.
 These are all the people who served in the Bundestag overtime.
 Hitler's box was blacked out.
 This was funny because the FDP is one of the most liberal parties ever imaginable. I was the one chosen out of our group to pose there. If you know our group...I was the absolute farthest from actually representing the FDP's platform.
 Group shot in the Bundestag's main room.

 The German Holocaust Memorial

 A portion of the Berlin Wall which was removed so people could get a sense of how tall it was.
 The Wall

 We had a free day. Most people went museum hopping but we were certainly museumed out. Ryan, Karen, and I walked to the Wall and returned and basked in the sunlight of Museum Island. It was beautiful.
 Our tour leader, Jim. We gave him an Ampleman soccer ball.
 This pretty much sums up what I drank during the entire Germany trip. Still Vassa. Boy did I miss tap water...
 and I ate way, way, way too much dessert. I can certainly translate my German dessert items now though!!