Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Day in the Life of a 9th Grade Teacher

Today, I assigned a religion research project. We went over the requirements and talked about the things the students needed to find. Examples included the founder, basic beliefs, sacred text, etc. When I said, "sacred site." I got an emphatic, "Website?" "Really?" I laughed. "Oh, you're serious. Sorry. No, like mosque, synagogue, etc." Oh, girls...

That reminds me. A few days ago, a student asked "Miss. Anderson, can I be excused?" I thought "why? Are you dying? Just want to go hang out in the hall? Bloody nose?" This came out verbally as, "huh?" He responded, "Can I be excused?" I said, "Why?" He said, in all seriousness, with no embarrassment, "Because I'm going to fart." Really? I mean, I am grateful that he asked, but it was just adorable...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Years' Eve 2012

After returning from a week away for Christmas vacation, apparently, we still needed more of an adventure. Sitting on the couch the Thursday before NYE (which was on a Friday), a few of us decided we should make a spur of the moment drive to Las Vegas. We discussed this option, yet no one made a final decision (apparently this is why we are all in a committment-challenged phase of our lives...). We decided that we would make the decision by 10AM the following morning. As Kristen and I walked to our apartment, we agreed that the trip would never happen. 

Friday, I was scheduled to take the GRE at 4PM. I had studied the week before and was ready to get it over with. That morning, we decided we would go to Vegas, but we now faced the problem of me not getting out of my test until 9PM. I called and was able to take the test early. By 7PM, we were on the road to Vegas. It was quite the adventure!
 This was the 1st stop of our trip. It might have been taken in Beaver, Fillmore, or Cedar City. Not really sure.
 Caesar, Mike, Amber, Kristen, and Mike 2 
 We were able to stay at a home of Mike's friend, Caesar's friends older brother? (Not really sure where to put the comma's in that phrase...) I have no clue who the brother is, but for some reason the dog lives there by itself. It is big. Really BIG. It had a lot of hair--EVERYWHERE. For being a dog, it was a cute little chunk. Well, big chunk.
 Kristen, Mike, Caesar, and Mike outside Treasure Island
 To fill up the middle of the day, we bought tickets to Madam Taussad's Wax Museum. While there, we ran into these celebrities. They asked to pose with us. Not suprised.

 Love this man. Judge me. I'm confident in my admiration and will back it up. 
 Poor Mike was sick. Unfortunately, 1/2 of it was self-induced by drinking 19/20ths of this bottle of DayQuil in a 8 hour span of time. We got some good secrets out of him while he was experiencing a "haze." I think he learned his lesson.
 A very poor quality picture of the 3 of us waiting for Cirque De Solei Mystere to begin. It was amazing. I would highly recommend it.
 The rest of the evening (pre-midnight) was spent watching people loose hundreds of dollars (which was extremely intriguing) as they played blackjack and other games, following around an individual so we could figure out if "it" was a man or woman, exploring the casinos, and braving the crowds.

Some individuals might or might not have gambled ($1). One person might have almost won enough to pay for the gas for the entire trip. All people might have lost all the money they won. That is addiction, ladies and gentleman. (Pictures are not being included just in case said people decide to run for public office some day).

Our evening ended as we counted down the seconds of 2011 and welcomed the new year. After the fireworks ended, everyone realized that they needed to leave the Strip at the exact same time, which created a monstrous traffic jam. We all latched on to one another and inched our way out of the crowd. Kristen had some drink poured down her and we all had it splash against us. Sick. I am pretty sure that a stampede could have easily occurred if some one would have fallen. It was crazy and while I will probably never go to Vegas again for New Years', we have lots of great stories.

The next morning, we woke up and jumped on the road. We stopped in St. George and went to church and drove the rest of the way home. It was a great trip--one that will not soon be forgotten.

 Since I am a teacher, this is what I taught my students about the day I returned to school:
1. Don't gamble.
2. Dogs belong outside.
3. Men should never live without women because they are dirty
4. Don't drink an entire bottle of DayQuil.
5. Alcohol smells bad and turns people ridiculous.
6. Stay in school and don't do drugs (well, I just tell them that every day). 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Another Day Brainwashing the Future of America

Student 1: What is one of the qualifications necessary to become president of the United States?

Student 2: You have to be born in America

Student 1: No, you don’t!

Student 2: Yes, you do!

Student 1: President Obama isn’t from America.

Teacher: He is from Hawaii.

Student 1:: Yeah! He was born in Hawaii, which isn’t in America.

Student 2: Hawaii is part of America.

Student 1: I just have this 8th grade head full of too many facts.

Me: You aren’t in 8th grade. You’re in 9th!
Student 1: Who was President during the Civil War?
Student 1: George Washington
Student 2: No it wasn’t! Jefferson
Student 3: I put Kennedy.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas at the Beach

For Christmas, I was able to go to the beach to visit my parents. What a great time it was! I love spending time with my parents (unfortunately, I was stressed studying for the GRE and didn't spend as much as I'd have liked...) and relaxing. Christmas Eve, we woke up and ventured down Main Street. It was a little walk from their house and so nice to be outside in 70 degree weather after experiencing Utah's winter. We enjoyed watching surfers, shopped a bit, the parents took me to their traditional Saturday morning hot spot--Woody's, my dad forced me to get a flu shot (on Christmas Eve!!), watched Christmas movies, and enjoyed delicious food. All these were done by the fire of course. Who doesn't need a fire in California? 
Here are some pictures from our stroll.

One highlight was talking to my brother, Sheldon. He is serving an LDS mission in Argentina and our family only speaks to him once a year. It was great to hear his voice. He seems to be doing well and will be coming home in 2 months. I can't believe it! It was great to be home with my parents! I can't believe it is already January!

New Years Resolutions 2012

I can't believe it is this time again! Actually, I sincerely can't remember what my resolutions were from last year, which I realize that even if I created them, apparently I wasn't very successful. So, here's to remembering them this year!

2012 Resolutions
Spiritual: Temple and Visiting Teaching monthly
Social: Do less and say "no" (interesting that this is my goal, I realize, but sometimes, less is more and I need to realize that.
Mental: Take 10 credits--whether UEN or grad school. 
Emotional: Be honest in my relationships
Physical: Run a 5K (I could probably do it now, but just never have)

2012 Bucket List
Read Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage
Leave the country
I will add to this...