Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

I feel like my life has been sufficiently boring lately. Here are some quick updates (don't worry, I'm currently at Parent Teacher Conferences).

-My 7th period is seriously the best entertainment in the world. Hey are HILARIOUS. This one kid always has some new theory about how he's jinxed or just the craziest questions. I can't even explain how funny they are.

-I have a new assignment. I'm in charge of all the students in the custody of the state at our school. NOW--if there is anything in my life that I would tell you about, it's this...and I can't. I'll just tell you I am the go to girl when these students have to get drug tested, are cheating, or mouthing off (or when they come to me in tears because their backpack was stolen), or suspended, or whatever. Oh the stories. Let's just say... actually, I won't say. I really enjoy it though. It's rewarding and it's cool to see them turn their lives around (and not too cool to see them severely mess them up...).

-I'm in a new ward. It's a great ward and it's fun getting to know new people. It's definitely older. That is for sure. Our little apartment of teachers is the young group of the ward--which is kind of nice after coming from Provo. I miss my EFY friends, work friends, old roommates, and ward members, but it seem to be a necessary change.

-In other news, I've recently discovered a dent in my car (? hoping that was not one of my students in a fit of anger...), I got a Gold's Gym pass, I'm completely debt free, I'm completely EFY free, I'm NOT a first year teacher anymore (which means I have SO much more time than last year!!!), I'm still indoctrinating my students with a love for BYU and I've been spoiled by my parents and Kristen and have been able to go to both the home games.

I'm pretty sure those are the only updates on my entire mortal existence. Sheldon's seem to be more entertaining: Held up and robbed at gun point, possible rabies from a random dog, a man hanging him self that was a potential baptismal prospect. Sheldon's got it rough. Oh, Argentina. Eek.

Back to the parents...