Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Dumb rules don't let me post pictures of my students (and I understand the reasoning), but my students are awesome. We made Gingerbread Religious Houses of Worship (to fit into the relevance of AP Human Geography of course...). Here is the Dome of the Rock. I love these kids.

 MoTab Christmas Concert was AWESOME!!!

 Apparently my dad thinks it's ok to eat a baked potato as if it is a hot dog...
 The cutest little place I've ever seen...
 Apparently, fitting the brother for clubs entails more than just measuring the height of the brother and the height of the club.
 We went on a harbor was sweet.

We are really attractive eaters in this family.


 My mom flew in for the weekend to take care of me. She made me 6 freezer meals. Isn't she the best EVER!?!
 Election night party. Unfortunately, our choice didn't win, but it was a great time! Marge and I matched.
 Our artwork :)
 Trip to City Creek...
 Family gathering for Thanksgiving

 For some reason grandma's bedroom turned into pie central.
 Jared and the cousins...
 City Creek trip with the family...ZCMI candy windows.

 Grandma is just hilarious. She was taking a picture of us (slowly) so I seized a great opportunity to capture the moment.
 The family

 Temple Square over Thanksgiving Break with the family
 We LOVE BYU basketball!!

 BYU basketball game.


 My best friend Coralie and me.

 Mitt was running for president. I love FNL and love this picture.

At a BYU football game! They won...which I love.
 One of my students made this. I couldn't resist. It's hilarious!
 We stretched my grandma. It seemed like a great idea. She's hilarious.

 New roommates at the Jazz game.
 Devin wrote this to his mission companion. Made us laugh. Good story.