Friday, March 26, 2010

Romney's No Apology Tour

Two weeks ago, my friend Chance invited me to volunteer at Romney's No Apology book signing in SLC. It was a really cool experience and I'm lucky that I was invited.
The Romney Vegas trip reunion...2 years later.
The crowd was so excited! We gave out these signs. There were a lot of them.
After the main event at the Bob Bennet/Romney partnership thing.

Cool, huh? Let's see what happens in 2012.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quotes: In the Life of a Ninth Grade Teacher

Student 1: Who is Gandhi?
Student 2: YOU DON"T KNOW WHO GANDHI IS?! He's like an Indian MLK.

Student 1: I'm 1/2 white.
Student 2: No you aren't.
Student 1: Yes, I am. I'm 1/2 white, 1/2 Mexican, and 1/2 Asian
(I'm not really sure how that works)
Student 2: Oh. Well, what is your last name?
Student 1: Marquette
Student 2: Isn't that like a basketball team?
--end of conversation--

Remarkably, these were all from 2 students in one period. I wish I could remember more gems of the day.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye Time

Here are some last pictures before Sheldon went into the MTC.
Looking at Sheldon's precious phone...before he looses it for 2 years.
All dressed and ready to go. Just Sheldon and his butterflies.
Eating Sheldon's Cracker Barrel leftovers. (I was getting braces--so I could take a sick day, conveniently--while they ate. Luckily, they were gracious and brought me leftovers :))
Sheldon and mom at the very well-organized MTC assembly line drop-off.
Sheldon, The Braces, and I.

(tears have been censored)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tsunami Watch

Two weekends ago, I got to travel home to Apple Valley, CA to see my brother, Sheldon give his farewell talk in church. He did a really great job and we had some adventures.

Grandma, Aunt Shawna, Jacelyn, Aunt Dalea, Uncle Brian, Cecy and I packed up Friday afternoon and prepared for the 8 hour drive. Cecy and I were in the back seat and I seriously thought my legs were going to fall off in pain. Luckily, we had some stops to stretch out. OH! I gambled for my first time! Hahaha--why you ask? Because Grandma convinced me too...
Haha--she gave me a money and told me to do it. It wasn't very fun. I won't boast at my earnings. I more than doubled the amount I put in :) hahahaha. oh man. Ok, ok. I got $2.50 back. Big spender, I know.

Well, Saturday Morning, we woke up to a tsunami watch. The earthquake in Chile had just happened and we were driving to the Santa Monica Peir. The weather was so gross... but we had a good time.
This is Sheldon and I at the end of the Route 66 trail.
On Forest's, AKA Bubba, Gump's bench.
Sheldon and I reinacted the Titanic. Classic.
Family photo on the Peir. And the rain begins...
We ran. And got SOAKED.
Dad and me

At the LA Temple. Notice Sheldon's new BRIGHT ORANGE SHIRT. He was a little soggy and got a new shirt as payment.
Everyone at the LA Temple.
Sheldon had friends (yes, friends) come. They're going to live together when they get home from their missions. Cute boys. THey are all currently at BYU-I and drove down for the weekend so they could see Sheldon (Shelly, they call him) speak in church.
Classic Family photos...

With Grandma :)

I'm so proud of Sheldon and the decision he made, years ago, to serve the Lord on a mission. I know that he will be blessed for his service. The people of Buenos Aires, Argentina will truly be blessed to learn from him--and he will definitely learn a TON from them. Godspeed, Elder Anderson!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Day!

It's been a momentous day!

9 AM--It's official, I have braces!
12:45 PM--We drop off Sheldon at the MTC
4 PM--We visit Coralie and Justin and see new baby Bailey Camille! Beautiful.

Now my mom is here helping me do everything that I don't have time for. Life is good (braces are not good). We'll see how the students react...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Just Love Them.

Last week I stayed with Coralie one night. I just love her. She is so wonderful to me. Jaden and I had some fun playing around. He is so cute and so smart and always makes me feel so loved. Coralie and Justin are incredible parents. He can read (basically) and he is three!

Coralie is always so thoughtful and always is checking on me. She is the perfect friend. I just love her. And her husband. And Jaden. I'm excited for her to have her next one soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quote of the Day

Me: "Ok, who was the head of the Federalist Party?"
Them: "John Adams"
Me: "Good, what about the Democratic-Republicans?"
Them: Silence
Me: "Thomm...Thomas..."
One of them: "S. Monson. Edison."

So I've picked up two side tutoring jobs...and the parents of some boys I tutor sent me home with a roast dinner (and a pay check:)). Good day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February and March--Resolutions Update

1. Have one meaningful conversation with a student daily.
--This is making all the difference. I even started tutoring grandsons of my friend Betty and I'm also tutoring a student who is on a 45 suspension for possession. These are helping this whole "meaningful conversation" thing.

2. Write Sheldon weekly.
--Well, he still hasn't left yet. He leaves in 8 days. CRAZY!!! I did get to go home to hear him speak in church. He was wonderful.

3. Pay off my Student Loan (only $550 left!) and Charlie the Civic ($3500, goo.)
--Student loan. Check.
--Car payment. $3000. Slow and steady wins the race.
--Oh, and $700 tires are now added to the list. $400 to go.

4. Vocal evening prayer
--check, unless I've been around people.

5. Leave the country (just for a week or so...). I got my passport, finally :)
--not yet. But i'm planning an emergency trip to cross the Canadian border just in case I don't have time for another trip. Any takers?

6. 100% Visiting Teaching
--partial check

7. Let myself fall for someone (hmmmm...)
--never a check

8. Attend the temple monthly

9. read a book a month.
Jan--Long Walk to Freedom, Left to Tell
Feb--Speak (new favorite, thanks Kristen), Uglies (again, Kristen...)