Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Gym and Miners

My new fetish (and not a super common one) is to attend the gym. Typically, I come home, take a nap, and then head to the gym (alone--thanks, Kristen). Last Tuesday, was probably one of the greatest trips there. You see--usually we have institute, but it was cancelled for Fall Break at the U. I discovered the most inspirational TV lineup in the world.


Chilean miners being rescued, one by one, AND The Biggest Loser.

Yep. Best show ever. Well, imagine me on the eliptical tears welling up in my eyes as I skip back and forth during the commercials. Usually, I set the timer for 30 minutes and then head out. BUT--the TV just kept getting better. I'd increase it a minute or two, then five more, then five more, and a few more, until I realized that not only had a single miner not been pulled out of that capsule yet, but also no one had been kicked off of The Biggest Loser. My timer hit an hour and I left thinking how excited I was to share the miner rescue story with my students.

The next day, I share the story with my 3rd period (including the story of Miss Anderson crying at the gym because I was so happy). At that point 17 miners had been rescued. The next period, I saved it for the end after all of our student presentations had been given. During the presentations, we kept hearing people "crunch, crunch, crunching" on the roof. We didn't think anything of it. It got loud and we could hear some laughter. We thought the custodians were up there. Then Spanish words were heard and we thought it was coming through the speakers. I turned off my microphone but, alas, no solution. All of a sudden, in the middle of the presenatation we heard LOUD clapping. All of a sudden, it hit! I forgot to pause the live feed of the rescue on my computer.

Blonde moment. You can bet I'll be hearing about that one from my students for a while. We had a GREAT laugh.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Dad

Dear dad,

I got my flu shot. Now, for your end of the bargain.
Medium please. You can even click here.

Your daughter,

SLC Apt: The Virtual Tour

Welcome to my new home! Turns out, I have moved on with my life (which involves an unfurnished apartment!). This picture above basically summarizes my new apartment.

--I met my mom in St. George. She unloaded a car full of stuff from my parents home into my car. I was so excited to get my desk. However, we missed two minor details (probably my fault that I didn't explain better...hmmm...): screws, and the bar that acts as 2 of the 4 legs of the desk. So yes, here my desk--sits. It's lonely, lopsided, and, frankly, annoying.

This is a dresser that my roommates and I built (from a box...) and my prized picture of the Jefferson Memorial from DC's Eastern Market.
I bought/put this together last night. Pictured are some pictures of Panama and a hilarious picture of Sheldon and mom. hahaha. Wish there wasn't a glare.
This is my new, queen sized bed. Don't worry. It's currently a mattress and box spring set sitting on the floor. This was my first real purchase (besides my car and computer). It's SO comfortable. You're welcome to come spend the night at any time.
This is my jewelry armourer (sp? aka...jewelery box on stilts) that mom gave me for Christmas a few years a go and I wanted to leave it home so I wouldn't mess it up in college housing. Now--here it is!
This is another bookshelf we assembled :) The plate and shells are from Panama.
Here is the bathroom. Pretty exciting.
My roommates were very good to me and gave me the walk-in-closet. I need to stop buying clothing.

Piano for the cultured girls (AKA--not me) to play. I always beg Kristen to play the Pearl Harbor and Titanic songs. She complies :)
Margaret in the kitchen. She is very good in there. Hint, hint--boys. That means she can cook. Look at here cute new shirt under that cardigan... PS--she owns 9 cardigans she informed me yesterday.
We love our home. We also love our roommate Kristen. She has been home babysitting and we miss her. Since she's been gone, I've had a traumatic experience with my fire detector. It keeps beeping. I even changed the battery. No change. It is currently downstairs, under a pillow, in Kristen's room. Come home soon! (I'll put it outside...)

Now, if we could just find a kitchen table...