Monday, June 10, 2013

Sorry Grandma and Mom! It's been 6 months...

 Well, the last 6 months have flown by! A lot has happened. I started dating this guy. His name is Devin. He treats me extremely well. He likes me even though I'm tired, stressed, and wayyyy to busy. I like him even though he makes funny faces a lot. He's quality and a lot of fun!
 We went to BC for Jared's homecoming where he decided to make sculptures out of Starburst's. Don't worry, the kids ate them...

 We made Evilscheever's after his trip to Solang, CA. (PS--everything is spelled incorrectly)
 I took a weekend and flew to Florida. I had a little high school reunion with some of my best friends from high school--Carolyn, Amanda, and Trae. It was so wonderful to relax in the Florida sun. I certainly  have missed the warmth! This was the first time we had seen each other since Trae and Carolyn were married a few years ago. It was the greatest.
 Night out at Cheesecake Factory.
 We met this little guy on the beach. Yes, I am wearing an engagement ring. No, I am not engaged. I just like sparkly things.
 The duck wanted our food.
 Awesome picture, right? No zoom in. No filter. Just pure duck.
 A little overcast.
 Reliving the past. You bet we went through our yearbooks... Look at little Sheldon. Cute.

 Looking for gators. We found them!
 Photographer Trae. Bless him.
 Devin and I at his family history event.
 Jayden and little Quinn. Presh.
 Matt's birthday night out.
 Pretty much our relationship.
 Yes, I eat with ski goggles in the faculty lunch room. Yes, I love muddy buddies. Yes, I pick off my crust. It can't be helped.
 Heidi got MARRIED!!!!
 Devin sent these beautiful flowers to my work on Valentines day. He's a gem. My 4th period fell in love. They are beautiful.
 He even left roses/chocolate from a "secret admirer" for my roommates on our porch. So sweet and thoughtful.

 I just really like this.
 Devin's pride and joy.
 He took me to Disney on Ice. I LOVED it! I love Disney! It was awesome!

 BYU volleyball game :)
 Devin's birthday weekend.
 WJ Prom--Internship hours. Check.

 Spring Break in California :)
 Angels game
 It was fuh-reez-ing!

 Bike ride on the boardwalk
 Hiking the Hollywood sign--Almost.
New Years Eve at Devin's cousin's house

It's been a busy 6 months! And I don't think I've plugged my phone for the last two...I'll get on that. Someday.