Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Pokey Bunch

Welcome to Pocatello, Idaho! I awoke from my hour long slumber from Rexburg down south to Pocatello to this vision (naturally, I saw it from the outside since I was in a car). The dorms were Gah-het-tto...but SO fun. Don't worry, this mattress smelled like urine. What other way to air it out than hang it out the window. I'm telling you--ghetto.
Jan, Tia, me, and Brennen at the Institute. They took SUCH great care of us.
Though Jan and I weren't counselors, there were only 109 youth so we were all able to get to know them so well. This is Nat. She is a power house. I learned a lot from her and she really made the session mesh. It's incredible how one person can make things go SO well.
I can't even express what a help Jan was to me this week...
We went on a group date Saturday, July 4, to Idaho Falls. We watched baseball and fire works, ate fried chicken, sat in traffic and walked by the temple on the way home. It was THE perfect, American holiday.
Alex, Amber, Trevor, Brendan, Melissa, Braden, Tia, and Dani

You might notice my lack of pictures. That is because I was dealing with a different trail in Pocatello. I've already blogged about this...but here it is again just to match it with the week that it actually took place.

Well, just a precursor, I did not apply to work in Rexburg, Idaho this summer. I figured there were two potential reasons I was hired...1. so I would decide not to do EFY this summer or 2. there was a reason. Well, in our fourth week, I began to have really bad headaches and my jaw began hurting. I've always joked that my face is not symmetrical and manly on one side. Well--I began to have jaw pain. Erin, a girl on my team, drove past a TMJ specialist and I decided to look him up. I scheduled an appointment and my friend, and the Health Counselor, Brittany came with. They took a CAT scan of my head and noticed that every time I close my mouth when speaking, sleeping, and eating, my jaw slides out of the joint. If this continues to occur, my jaw will fall back into my face and the doctor explained that I would turn "ugly." I know, he is really sensitive. Anyways, he explained the process and that if my jaw is not corrected, I could have severe headaches daily which could prevent me from working in the future. Honestly, I had a break down. I lost it. I was so emotional and just was in utter shock. I returned to the dorms where my BC team was waiting. I received a blessing which was probably the most powerful experience of my life. The Lord gave me many promises about my future, family, and my jaw. I know I was in Pocatello for a reason (with the only TMJ specialist of his caliber in a 300 mile radius).

I took his advice to take care of the problem now. He explained the process. I would be given an emergency appliance which sticks to my top, front six teeth and must be worn at all times until a real appliance is created. With this appliance (actually both appliances), I am on a liquid diet. I had a lisp at the beginning, but now I am almost confident with my "S's." I have been wearing the appliance for 2.5 weeks...and yes...that means I have not had solid foods for 2.5 weeks. I am just loving that I am in Idaho--the potato capital of the world. Mashed potatos are my best friend.

The process will be very long. I will come back to Pocatello on Monday to receive my real appliance. I will wear it for 9-12 months (yep...liquid diet for a year). Then I will recieve braces to correct my bite. It'll cost over $5,000 not including braces. I'm really just learning how perfectly everything worked together for me. I'm in the most random place in the world, where there happens to be a TMJ specialist. Not only that, but I recieved a teaching job, which will allow me to pay the $11,000 tab (because insurance does not)...

Anyways, it's been really hard but I have been around the most supportive people ever. My team--Jan, Brad, Brittany, Erin, Janelle, Brendan, Braden, Alex, and Brennen--have been so understanding. We now create cheers that make fun of my lisp when introducing the BCs every business meeting. Counselors chipped in to give me a $70 Jamba gift card. I'm pretty sure I am surrounded by the most charitable people on earth. I really have been humbled through this experience. It's interesting that this all happened two days after I prayed to be humbled so I could more effectively teach our topic of the week--humility. I know that I have been really blessed and I'm glad that I'm able to be so positive about it now. I haven't always been, but I'm so grateful for quality friends, family, and my Savior. I know I can go to them with all my struggles--and at least one of them will understand.

Update: I'm doing good. I swiped my credit card for $5,600 on monday and picked up my new appliance teeth thing. It sticks to the top of my mouth and covers my teeth. I have a bit of a lisp--haha--but it's fading. I'm going through this whole process so I can fit in with my middle schoolers ;) anways...I'm doing good. The headaches are subsiding and in a year, I'll be better than new :) Thanks for your concern and prayers. Love you all!


Mari Kjar said...

wow amber. wow. can i just say wow. that is wild. you just can't dream experiences like that up, so random. but the lord is in charge and you are so positive and amazing. i never thought your jaw was manly, but now it will be engineered to perfection. you're beautiful. keep it up. i'll be praying for you. love you much!!! (and your anything about efy makes me cry!! i miss it! :) )

Linze Kate said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better finally! STILL, if you need anything, please let me know.

It sounds like overall, though, your summer has been great and you've met some amazing people! It really is amazing how the Lord know where we all need to be and why...

How much longer do you have EFYin' it up? I can't wait to see you in the FLESH - instead of via photo!

Love you muchos!

Lissbeth said...

Amber! I just found your blog, and thus found out about your serious drama. I'm glad things worked out for you! That is insane.

You are so cute. AND I couldn't help but notice that wonderful picture of you off to the side... the one by the water. Haha. Love it.

Anonymous said...

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