Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rexburg 2 + or - 1.

So my weeks are starting to run together. I think this is week two (backwards of course because I didn't think to add the pictures on blogger in order...hmmmm...)

This is Megan and Emily. Two of my favorite counselors. We went bowling on Saturday. A little much needed counselor time.
This is Brad. His special gift is the inverted french braid. Steal him up, ladies! Steal him up.
Saturday morning group Counselor pictures
Jan has seriously been my saving grace this summer. She is one of the greatest people I know and I'm pretty sure one of the reasons I was put on this team was to learn so many life lessons from her. I'm probably holding something that has some humorous story, alas, hmmm...
The BC team and our weekly cheer. Yeah, Spuddy Buddies! We are ridiculous.
EFY love at the solutions table
Remember how it rained in Rexburg for 31 days straight... Me too.
Reunite 2008 Provo Team 3.
Glen, me, and Brendan
The faces in this picture are beyond priceless
Thursday love
Saturday Bowling
Oh how I love Braden...


Adam R. said...

I'm a little jealous. Not going to lie.

Chance said...

Adam, that is funny because that is what I was going to write! Oh how I am missing EFY after reading your posts! What a fun team! Do you need any male counselors? Adam and I would do it, haha!

Anonymous said...

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