Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rexburg 3

Well, here we are, week three and this is how the feeling of the site office is starting to be.
Our lovely health counselors, Brittany and Brennon. Oh how we love them both.
Jan, Me, and Erin and some Friday night lockdown, love. At EFY, we stay up an hour after the last light is turned off, to make sure we don't have any love-bird participants on the loose. I'm sure we would catch them. Especially me from this position.
One of my counselors, Christina. This was her last week :( now she's going on to bigger and better things, like a mission. She'll be great.
Our very own EFY Backstreet Boys. And, yes, this idea was all their own.
Service encourages love. Try it. If you serve, you'll look like this.
And the winner of Games Night 2009 is... The Johnsons! We LOVED them.

It's a hard job, ladies and gentleman. This is Brad and his palm, along with me, Glen, and Beth. In Pocatello we actually got Brad to live a day without his Palm--and what a day it was.

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