Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Apparently, We LOVE polo's...or each other

For BYU Team 3's off week, we all headed to sunny California. I planned on coming home to Apple Valley for the two weeks off and the team planned on coming down to go to Magic Mountain. Glen and I drove to California Sunday night and the rest of the team (with Jessica in spirit) met us at my parents house on Monday night. We had some great adventures!Adventure #1...I got in trouble for standing up on the ride and minutes later Glen ran across the tube to avoid water. Well, security was called and we almost got kicked out of the park. DO NOT stand up on rides!!
Adventure #2...my little brother, Sheldon, came along. He was a great sport and we even got him on a few roller coasters.
Adventure #3...we met some furry creatures on our way to leave the park for Wendy's. (Why did we walk a mile to Wendy's?!?)
Adventure #4...About 25% of the park had been to EFY at one time and kept stopping us to ask if we knew their counselors. I even saw my participant!
Adventure #5...Brendan kicked over Batman's head and he even cracked a smile.

Adventure #6...We went to the LA temple and did baptisms with a youth group. The guys spent a really long time on their hair so we spent longer than expected--but it was so worth it!
Adventure #7...Oh Venice beach. Need i say more?
Adventure #8...we got to the beach so late that we planned on just walking around and flying a kite. Naturally, the guys tossed us all in.

What a great way to spend a week. We even were able to figure out the confusing highways and get back home (even though we ended up in Pasadena and missed Hollywood). I am so grateful for our team. We are all so different, but we work together so well. I am blessed to be around so many quality people. And they are hilarious, too. SO HILARIOUS.


Linze Kate said...

I absolutely LOVE that you wore the polos to Magic Mountain - booyah! Haha... I always wear my BYU gear at large theme parks because I can spot LDS people that way - and I LOVE it! :)


Maren said...

Haha seeing your brother go with you guys makes me think about Disneyland 2 years ago...at least I think it was 2? Time just flies. Either way that was an interesting day! Hope you're having a great time at EFY! Love ya! :)

Mindy said...


P.s. I love you.

Jord said...

I really don't know how I found you, but I did! I adore you! You guys must have had an amazing trip!