Friday, September 12, 2008

The Summer Fun Continues...

Ok--Let's be honest. I don't want to write humongous paragraphs of this past summers events and you probably don't want to read them. So--here is a play by play accounting for you. Enjoy!
The UW Geologists left their baby pool and water slide out. After games night, we capitalized on this opportunity. As everyone on the team knows, the presence of water always leads to water fights. Thist picture could have been taken many, many times this summer. This is BYU Team 3.
Wet...Thanks Emily and Glen.
Brother Galke invited us to their incredible house near Yellowstone. This is the only picture I took...It was such a beautiful, beautiful place. We fell out of the swing.
The Musical Program was my biggest fear entering EFY as a BC this summer. It turned out to be the greatest experience (twice--I had it 2 of our 8 weeks). I (re)learned that my Heavenly Father loves me and won't let me fail--even when I face tasks that sem impossible. I had 108 incredible youth in it :) Such good, good kids. This is the boys half.
Welcome to Ephriam, UT. Here on the left, we have sheep. Yes that is correct. They are running down the middle of the road. The main road. Who knows...
This is the only team formal picture we took. We hate banquets!!! And apparently hate looking at the camera.
We were told to flash our legs. Note--Juls actually showed some skin. HAHAHA it was hilarious.
Now here's a story. Chelsea and I headed up to Montana a few days early to set up the Dillon sessions. We stopped in Rexburg, ID to go to the new temple and drive around BYU Idaho. It was such a great little stop, complete with Applebee's, which everyone knows i LOVE. Anyways, we went to get back on the road. However, instead of getting back on I-15N we got on Highway 20. We didn't notice we were on the wrong road until we reached Yellowstone National Park. We thought we were about 10 minutes away from Dillon when we stopped for gas. Little did we know we had another 4 hours to drive. It was quite the experience!!! haha--and makes a great story.
These are the youth we worked with all summer. We crammed these 500 youth in this small room for a dance. Boy, that smelled great.
When in Ephriam for the session, we drove to Manti went to the temple again as a team. Sunday we went back with a fun group and hung out on the temple grounds for a few hours. We relaxed, read, and slept...and even found an old cemetary with some of Chelsea's family members.

We missed the olympics on we had an Olympic game's night.
The boys are always working on their serenading...
New Cannon Center food is SOOO GOOD!!! Get the eggs!!!
Team photo--complete with Ben Socal. Thank you Matt and Brendan.
Brother Wilcox invited Kenneth Cope and Sister Dalton to come speak to us.
Montana games night--with 130 youth. So little! And, remember those geologists who were so mad when we kicked them off the field?
We LOVE JORDAN!!! We met Jordan in Montana. She is incredible. She helped us a lot throughout the week and, along with all the campus contacts, was just so good to us. We really miss her. Come to Utah!!

1/2 the team left. This is who was left of us!!! Common trend throughout the summer...
Ephriam bonfire!! Thanks to Jessica's sweet connections.
Happy Birthday, Brendan! Look out girls and boys--he is mine on July 9, 2010 if he isn't Jessica's first ;)
And...let's not forget this summer without THE Brittany Dahlin.

It was an incredible summer. Very different than past summers...but good nonetheless. Sad that it is really over, but made so many priceless memories and quality people along the way.


browneyedgirl said...

Welcome back to blogging! Looks like you had so much fun with EFY this summer! I am selfish though, I am glad the summer is done so I can see you again! Love you!

Adam R. said...

this is me being jealous