Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football and Family

My family came to town. They took me grocery shopping (if you are in college you know how that is one of the greatest gifts ever) and we went to the football game together. The tickets they ordered on ebay almost didn't get here on time. My mom tracked down the postman on the way to the game. Thankfully they were in the mail truck!

Have you ever...?

I'm not going to lie. Some times I catch myself doing this in class. (the pen holding...not the teeth brushing)...
Now that is love.

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Cincinnatus said...

Whoah. Our parents were in Provo the same weekend! Cuhrasy!!

But mine hit the road on Saturday morning before the game. Biggest mistake of their lives.

I could've gotten them great seats and that would have supplied them with all kind of banter to throw down at my UCLA-fan aunt's house where they stayed later that night!

Your parents must be much wiser than mine.