Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Excursion

My old roommate and I decided to travel home to surprise our families for the Easter weekend. At BYU, we don't get a spring break so we skipped some classes and departed for California at 8pm Thursday night. We had some great conversations--those ones that really make you feel like the college education has paid off. We philosophized (is that even a word?) about politics, religion, the future. I am realizing that it is not my classes that I will remember after I leave BYU. It is the ridiculous amount of overnighters pulled for no reason, the spontaneity of college adventures, are the relationships I gain with the people I meet. I would have HATED life if i was in that car by myself for 16 hours (and even did at when we pulled over to take a power nap at 3am in an obscure town in southern Utah and were SO frustrated because we couldn't sleep) but there were so many factors that made it great.

It was SO awesome to be with my family. I realize that I had never been home (except for Thanksgiving) during the school semester. It was hard to try to balance doing homework and spending time with my family (which is why I got absolutely no homework done), but it was so refreshing to be around people that I already know and love and don't feel obligated to entertain or impress. I even got some groceries to bring back!! haha--What a great weekend :)

Below is posted the only single picture that was taken the entire was to be the first of hundreds that we were going to post (documenting the time we left Provo)...but, yeah, that didn't happen.


Mindy said...

Below ... as in ... where?

Maren said...

Haha I want to know the same thing...3 1/2 months I can at least have 1 picture of "us" from all of last year! P.S. I promise to be a better friend this year haha