Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend Adventures

There is so much to do in Washington, DC, but most of the monuments and museums close at 5:30. We have so much we want to do and see but couldn't really do it. Thankfully, we met some really great people at the Barlow Center and were able to spend time with them on Friday night. Four of my roommates and I each knew someone at the Barlow Center so we all ventured over there. My friend, Drew, told us about a party that was located in my ward boundaries. We all met and merged friends and headed to the party. Afterward, everyone came over for brownies. It was a good time. Here is the practice picture...but I couldn't find the large group picture? Hmmm... This is Carolyn, Andrew, Susie, Meggie, and Sage.
Saturday afternoon, a few of us went to the American History Museum. I haven't been to any of the other Smithsonian Museum's, but I just know this will be my favorite. I love the American President exhibit and the First Ladies Dress exhibit. I really love this museum. Don't worry. I've been twice.

This is a picture taken in the exhibit. The flash is on, so you can't really see the background. It is a backdrop of a speech given by FDR (or maybe it was JFK...)

Saturday night, we were all sitting around the apartment and decided to go on an adventure. We quickly hopped on the metro and took off to Friendship Heights to find what we thought was the closest Cheesecake Factory...well...we traveled 1 hour each way by metro. When we got home, we were very surprised to find out that there was one within a miles distance. Oh well, it was so fun. Such a funny experience. We discussed books and other random things the whole way. It's good to feel educated. I live with such incredible people. I'm sure I will learn a lot from them this semester--I already have.


siovhan said...

Amber! That looks so fun! And I totally know Colleen!! She's my friend Vilja's friend/former roommate!

Mindy said...

You are so cute. Please dress me. :)

Laura Chapman said...

It looks like you're having so much fun! It makes me want to go back to visit all the many sites. Keep updating on your adventures!

Linnea said...

I looove the first ladies dresses exhibit. The American History section was my favorite when I went to DC. :-)