Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trip to Philadelphia

Independence Hall
Location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the United States Constitution
Liberty Bell
My whole life I have viewed this bell as a symbol of freedom and liberty. However, thanks to my pessimistic roommate, Wendy, I realized that the bell doesn't have as much symbolic meaning as I always thought. It wasn't cracked due to some great ringing which announced victory or oncoming troops, instead, it just cracked. To fix it, they cracked it more...and never were able to repair it. Now that my opinion of the Liberty Bell is tarnished...sigh. Wendy was in the weirdest mood and came up with the quote, "history halts progression" and jokingly argued that we were worshiping icons (which does have a semblance of truth to it). Take comfort that she might be teaching your children...
Constitutional Convention
Where the Constitution and Declaration were signed.
First meeting place of the House of Representatives.
Philly Cheese Steaks
Need I say more?
Philadelphia worships Ben Franklin. If I knew about more of his great quotes like this, I might love him more myself. "Fish and visitors stink in 3 days." Words of wisdom if I've ever heard any.
Christ's Church--George Washington's Pew
An Episcopalian church included in the charter to William Penn when his colony was created. King George III owed him money so he deeded him land, which wasn't hard for him to do since he claimed the east coast of North America. Penn wasn't too impressed but when a Church was included in the deal he consented. Pennsylvania was settled by Quakers, but eventually the church was made of good use. Here we are sitting in George Washington's pew.

Meggie falls asleep during anything spiritual. Exhibit A--sleeping on the Presidential Pew at Christ's Church. She is currently sleeping on the couch across from me (scriptures on her lap--get it...she sleeps during spiritual things).
Christ's Church
Replica of Benjamin Franklin's Printing Shop
And a Ben Franklin Museum
With these phones, you called a number on the wall and heard a quote about Benjamin Franklin from great philosophers and political figures.
Kristen and I wanted to kiss a bust of George Washington at Mt. Vernon but they were encased in glass. We held out. Kristen is much taller than I am. The table seemed like a good leverage piece.
The National Constitution Museum
I really think this might be my absolute favorite museum I have ever seen. I loved it. There was a very powerful video recording of individuals taking the oath to become US Citizens. So great. So great. One of my goals is to teach a naturalization class one day.

That sums up our trip to Philadelphia!


Linze Kate said...

Trivia for Linze: Where did she spend the MOST years in one place growing up?

... Philadelphia! I was there a few months ago revisiting - love it! Haha... Oh, and if you get back there ever go to the Italian Market (awesome cultural experience) and the BEST Phillie Cheese Stakes in all of the US of A = Lorenzo's. Heaven in a sandwich! Love you!!! :)

P.S. On your links to other people's blogs, how do you get it to show when they last updated??? Thanks!

mums said...

Hi Amber! Maren got me all signed up. I spent a summer working in DC and loved it. Let's see some more!

Maren's Mom