Friday, January 2, 2009

If you were wondering, DC is not 2.4 square miles total...

Today was our first day in Washington, DC. After grocery shopping (thanks to our roommates dad this was possible without a taxi), we ventured out to the city. Meggie lived in Spain and quickly taught me how to use the Metro from her experiences. Here are some pictures of our exciting trip!

--While it USED to be dubbed as the "murder capital" of the US (I'm pretty sure Albany, GA was second in line), that has since changed. DC is 68.3 square miles. For some reason, I thought a teacher told me it was 2.4 miles large? Hmm...

- For you geography buffs, the climate of DC is considered Humid Subtropical, and while that sounds warm and delightful, it gets quite cold here (which is why I will wear those new gloves that my mom gave me for Christmas).

--DC Public Schools has one of the highest-cost yet lowest-performing school systems in the country, both in terms of infrastructure and student achievement.

(Thank you Wikipedia and Meggie)

Federal Triangle. Formed by 15th Street, Constitution Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue. Lots of cool government buildings are here (with lots of security) like the Kennedy Department of Justice Building, Ronald Reagan Building, and the National Archives Building, amongst many others.

This is just to show the Obama Inaugural set-up which is already taking place. Bleachers are everywhere!!

This is the US Department of the Treasury. Meggie had a great idea to show a dollar bill. Thinker she is. I was proud that I knew it was Alexander Hamilton was the man depicted in the statue. He was the first Secretary of the National Treasury and favored a national bank.

Washington Monument. I LOVE this picture. It was a really beautiful sunset.

White House. Future home of Chance Basinger ;) The guy I sat next to on the airplane might be contracting the changes that will be made from the transition between President Bush and Obama. He said he would give me a good tour if it happened. He was very generous and even offered to have some friends from the ward over to use his four wheelers and large home. We had a five hour discussion on economics, politics, DC, and other fun experiences. He even showed me a powerpoint of a presentation he will be giving to a government class soon! haha :) I learned a lot.

The Washington Monument

The Capital Building. No flags up. No tax dollars at work. Phew.

The White House. A bit blurry.

It was quite the trip!!! I'm so glad we ventured out. I feel like I can handle things now because everything is not so unexpected. This will be great. I'm so glad Meggie is here so I'm not all alone! Reference her blog for more :) (

More adventures to come! Hopefully I will:

1. Be wearing gloves.

2. Not loudly say things such as, "I learned Washington, DC is 2.4 square miles," in large public places.

3. LEARN and appreciate everything!!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous! Washington D.C. is so cool! Definitely a place I want to visit again! I can't wait for more awesome pictures!

Justin and Coralie said...

What a nice place! It looks like you're having fun. I miss you already!

Anonymous said...

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Linze Kate said...

I am so glad you're already loving it! I should have spread the news your way about the "humidity..." Haha! It makes things SO much colder and hotter there to me - the extremes are EXTREME!!! Haha!

Love you and it was SO good to chat with you last night - good luck to you and Meggie on Tuesday! :)

Laura Chapman said...

It looks like you're already having fun and seeing the sights. The great part is, there's still so much more to see! Your apartment looks really nice...hope you really enjoy it out there! Good luck on your first day and keep posting will help me not be miserable without you!

Adam R. said...

Amber, I need your help with something in D.C. Will you please email me?

Thanks love.

browneyedgirl said...

I can't believe you are there already! I miss you so much! Looks like you will have a blast! Love you!

Mindy said...

Looks amazing!I am so jealous you are there! Maybe I should come visit!! ;)

andersson-whanau said...

I didn't lie, we are checking up on you so keep this blog updated. Hey that apartment is better then our house.

Mel said...

Oh my! I miss you! and I love your funness you're having over yonder!