Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Pad

This is our new home!!!! On the left is our kitchen. There are LOTS of cabinets, which will be really great because eight of us will be living there. Unfortunately, we do not have eight fridges. Might be a problem. Straight ahead (get it...I'm trying to be a hostess and show you my home). As I was saying, this is our front room. We have four couches!! Come on over!
This is my dear roommate, Meggie. We met three summers ago as EFY counselors and now we are roommates. This picture was taken at 3AM. We were exploring. We also had a fun little experience trying to close our door. (And I still have been unsuccessful in actually using the key to get into my apt. It's tricky!)
Below is our bedroom. It is so unlike Provo bedrooms I have had. Large and spacious. Every thing is new. Another thing I have never seen in Provo. And I'm not scared to sleep on my mattress. That's another plus.

This completes your tour. Please come again. Goodbye.


Lisa said...

Yay! I love it! Can we be roommates again?!? Love you! Have so much fun!

Mindy said...

It looks amazing! I didn't know you'd be with Meggie! That is fantastic! It is so much nicer to know someone! Is she student-teaching too? How is the housing set up there? Is the apartment for all student teachers? Do you set it up through BYU? It is soooo nice!!!!