Sunday, January 25, 2009

Living the Dream

I feel like I've been more curious for knowledge than ever before. I cannot satiate my thirst. Walking to the metro after school, Meggie, Kristen, and I began talking about WWII which lead us to eventually discuss the Truman Doctrine. We didn't remember what it was. Luckily, I had this handy book in my bag, "Greatest American Documents." How handy.

It is really hard for me to grasp that I actually live in Washington DC. Seriously, we are living the dream. Last week we did so many things that the average American will never do in their lifetime.
We went to Les Miserables, Mt. Vernon, President Obama's inauguration, Philadelphia, Aretha Franklin concert, the list continues...

Oh yeah...We teach school too. My first full day of teaching was Thursday. I taught the entire day. I really love my students and cooperating teacher, Ms. Chandler. She is a brilliant woman and has experienced many things in her lifetime. Her students love her. She is very practical and teaches the students what they need to know. The students at Duke Ellington are very aware of current events, which I believe is mostly attributed to her knowledge and passion for government and DC. I've got a lot to learn!

We might be living the dream, but this whole teaching thing is HARD. It is difficult to take the objectives, figure out what they mean, research the topics, figure out activities and instructional strategies--all well worried about timing and not putting another teacher's students through the shock of swapping teachers. I'm excited to get all my semester work from BYU done so I can just worry about teaching!
We went to Les Mis in Shirlington, VA on Thursday. We got home at 12:30AM. The buses and metro don't run as often the later it gets...which makes for some cold times waiting at the bus/metro stop.

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