Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Germany: Day 5

 After taking an early morning train to Munich and enjoying the sites, we arrived in our super modern Hotel 1. Complete with TV fish tank, it was just awesome.
 This is the view out my window.
 And the super modern bathroom, which I loved.
 We went do a delicious Brazilian pizza restaurant and enjoyed a quick meal before meeting up with the group.
 So delicious.
 Then, a group of us, decided to deviate from the schedule. Jeff had studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria as an undergrad. He wanted to relive the experience and a few of us wanted another stamp in our passport. Salzburg here we come!
 We skipped out on dinner and a tour and boarded a train to Austria. We lucked out, in that we already each had day passes for the train. We didn't have to pay a cent which saved us tons of Euros.
 The Alps. Beautiful.
 Upon arriving in Salzburg, we ran into these charms. They were wearing the traditional clothing, the Dirndl.
 Austria had a special place in my heart. It was freezing cold, but I loved every second of it. My dad raised us on Sound of Music. Every year, on Christmas Eve, we watch it. As a teenager, I HATED it. But now, Christmas wouldn't be the same without it. I took a few pictures with some things that looked familiar from the Sound of Music set. Loved it. It was beautiful. PS--they run around these statue things when they are singing the "Doe, a deer, a female deer" around the time when they get the clothes made of drapes. FYI :)
 Jeff and Ryan acting out this probably-somewhat-important-statue behind me
 Next time I go here, I'll be in love and leave a lock. Or maybe I'll go to one of the other 200 bridges in Europe and leave a lock. Mark my words.
 Super cute shopping center. Globalization, here we are!

 Awesome rainbow. We happened to get stuck in a freak rain storm. It left this gem behind.
 Don't worry, we climbed this cliff and ate supper up there at...
 ...this beirgarten. Their beer smelled nasty but the food was DELISH. Chicken cordon bleu and fries. At this point, I was basically loving anything that didn't come from a pig.
 Stormy night sky.
Sarah, Karen, and Elaine. After this, we stocked up on chocolate (CERTAINLY THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD. Note to self: Milka, smores flavor. Sigh. I ate 2 giant bars before coming home. I mean GIANT bars. Like the size they award to a 3rd grade class for selling the most wrapping paper in a fund raiser. It was huge and I ate it alone.).

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