Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Adventures

 This weekend, a group of us decided to drive up to the Utah State v. BYU game. It was especially fun because our group was comprised of people from both sides of the spectrum. It was enjoyable because BYU won in an insane comeback. I love Provo. I miss it at times and am lucky that I have had so many great memories to sustain me. Isn't it just beautiful?
Rodney, Marge, Jeni, Russ, Dustin, and Lisa 
Memorable highlights include:
  • Rodney's Parkour (how do you even spell that?) 
  • DInner at Pizza Pie Cafe JCW's
  • Nelson winning the game with a lucky throw to allow the win
  • Sitting so near my family, purely by chance
  • Running into some old friends, like Heather Andersen
  • Beautiful weather
  • Sitting on the next to the top row of the entire stadium. Haha.

 Don't worry, the fans rushed the field. It was a pretty impressive comeback.
 Last night was quite the adventure. After the guys got back from Priesthood Conference and we got back from CPK (can I just say that Salt Lake is SOOO calm when there is a University of Utah game going on and all the guys are at Priesthood). We met up with Mike and Braden and tried to figure out what we could do. After lots of discussion, we loaded the car with a huge Love Sac, flat screen TV, Clear Play, and blankets and pillows. We drove to Blockbuster and picked up a scary movie and decided to find a dark, empty park. Well, here is the problem. Parks don't have an abundance of electrical units. We 1st went to the one across from our apartments. We walked around using our phone lights looking for an electrical unit. We finally found one. Instead of carrying the stuff 1/2 a mile (slight exaggeration), Mike came up with the brilliant idea to drive across the field. We unloaded all the stuff (and I mean, ALL the stuff) and then realized that since the park was closed, there was no flowing electricty. We loaded up again and were on our way. This time, we drove to what we thought (what is?) church property. We figured we'd be safe there. The only problem is that there is like an 8 foot fence we had to hop. We surveyed the area and after finding electricity (this time it was turned on) we passed over, one by one, the Love Sac, blankets and pillows, the Clear Play, and ourselves. When we were finally situated, we had a little fright with the sprinklers so we moved all of our stuff again. Finally, we got all cozy and enjoyed the movie (which was a little farfetched...). We got a little nervous every time we saw lights, but seemed to be pretty safe. It was really fun and a perfect night to be outside. As soon as the credits began to roll, we noticed a car pull up that didn't drive off. It was the police. Braden was assigned to be our representative and we are lucky that we didn't get tickets. FInally, we pilled up in the car and drove off. Well, to Wal-Mart.
This is where highlight #2 of the evening came in. MIke and I stayed outside while Braden and Lisa ran inside to grab something. I told Mike I'd time him as he ran to the sign and back. It works for kids, who would've known it would work for grown men. I timed him as he sprinted across the huge Wal-Mart parking lot. It took 37.2 seconds (which was great because his "goal" was a minute and a half." When Lisa and Braden got back, they didn't believe us that he ran across but turns out he was panting heavily. It was hilarious. He is now really sore because he doesn't exercise very often ;) I kid, I kid.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent watching 8 hours of conference on multiple couches. I loved it. We are so blessed to have such a loving Heavenly Father who cares for us so much that he doesn't leave us alone. He speaks to us individually through prayer and collectively through our living Priesthood leaders. I love it and I know the words they speak are true. I especially loved this talk:

‎"How do you raise a girl? Love her mother, lead your family to the temple, be guardians of virtue and magnify your priesthood. Fathers, you have been entrusted with our Heavenly Father's royal daughters. They are virtuous and elect. It is my prayer that you will watch over them, strengthen them, model virtuous behavior and teach them to follow in the Savior's every footstep — for He lives." -Sister Elaine S. Dalton


Coralie said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend. That was also one of my favorite parts of conference.

Love you, friend! What's your soccer schedule? We have a date to schedule!

Mindy said...

Lucky IS the key word with that throw. ;) You stole our school colors, you stole our QB. When does the madness end? ;)

Andy and Cecy said...

You drove to Logan and didn't stop to say hi?.... Jerk ;) Who of your family did you sit by? I miss you!!! Can we get together soon please??

Amber Lenora said...

I did NOT drive to Logan. Why in the world would I go to such a place... :)