Thursday, June 30, 2011

June: Week 4

This week was awesome. It was super busy with some type of sporting event every night and this conference I signed up for during the day. I signed up for the Huntsman Conference at the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the U. It was seriously one of the greatest conferences I've been to. I loved it. I am such a political nerd. They had the greatest speakers set up. Senator Bennett, Congressman Bishop, Dan Jones, Kirk Jowers, many state representatives and senators, Mayor Winder and Mayor Love, the list continues. Oh, and did I mention, Kirk had an in that allowed us to go to the Mitt Romney Fundraiser at no charge. It was awesome. Also, I think I loved it so much because I met three of the most adorable girls. We were the only young ones of the group and instantly all gravitated to one another. You'll see them in plenty of pictures below.

Jordan, Amber, Kirk, Amber, and Amber (no joke...)
The "Mean Girls" and John. We nominated him to be our "class representative" at our graduation at the Huntsman Center. He didn't campaign for it and there were plenty of very "outspoken" people who wanted to do it. Let's be honest, we were a little tired of hearing said "outspoken" people and just LOVED him. In his speech, he dubbed us the "Mean Girls."
The Utah State Capitol Building
The Utah House (we sat in the Senate all day... but for some reason, I took a picture of this instead).
You might recognize this person--Mitt Romney. I'm fortunate enough to have met him and his family a few times. Quality people. Quality.

The mean girls with Jayne.
The Speech.
After the fundraiser, I really needed to high tail it to Orem for Erin's wedding reception, but I got out too late, so I headed over to the ward softball team. Afterwards, I took a picture with Matt because we played in our "work" clothes. This picture would be really adorable if we were in love...
Note to self (or anyone for that matter): Never play softball in a pencil skirt. It's way too hard to run and even if you hit the ball to the outfield, they can throw you out because there's not to much room for big strides thanks to the skirt...
Now for such a happy moment. I LOVE Erin. She is one of my best friends. We worked on the same team 2 years ago in Rexburg. I feel like it was my "girl" summer. Me, Erin, and Jan would stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning discussing (actually, I'll leave that up to your imagination) stuff. They have been the greatest friends in life. I always know I can count on those two girls. Anyways, last summer, we also worked together at EFY and were roommates for 11 weeks. We got to our last week and had the option to be in single rooms (actually, we were forced to be in single rooms and I remember being SO lonely because, though our rooms bordered, I was so used to having her with me). She is one of the sweetest, spiritual, driven girls I know. I'm so happy for her and Kimball!
Adrian (Erin's sister) and I
Oh, Jan...
Erin and her brothers
The ladies
To close a wonderful week, we headed to the driving range. Our ward has had a lot of turnover and it's been fun getting to know everyone.

I sent this picture to his mom. Haha--I sent some others to other random parents of other people but can't seem to find them.
Happily Ever After. :) Well, with her husband of course!


AnnandJake said...

I am totally jealous of your political action this week. Seriously, how cool to get into that fundraiser! Maybe if I were willing to donate more than $25. :)
You look beautiful, by the way.

Mindy said...

Maybe you should be in love with him. Just sayin'.