Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Panama: Day 1--Saturday/ Too Early Sunday

Some friends and I decided to go on a summer vacation. The past two years, I have worked at EFY and the Galke's have session directed weeks with us. They kept trying and trying to get our teams to come visit them. Well, we planned on it, but it never really happened. I really wanted to go and eventually decided to just make it happen. Erik and Derrick (good friends from my old Glenwood ward) and my friend Mark (from my current ward) were spontaneous enough to come with me. Don't worry, I know girls too...but my friend Erin, who planned on coming, had to stay behind to work a week of EFY at the last moment.
A shout out to Sheldon, my brother, who is serving a mission in Argentina.I had never left the country before, so all of this seemed to be pretty foreign. Luckily, Erik and Mark served missions in Germany (which didn't really help with the language, but helped with other things) and Derrick knew Spanish from serving a LDS mission in Chile. I was well taken care of...though typically confused.
We had a LONG layover in Mexico City. They didn't open the gates until 4 AM so we walked, and walked, and walked. Eventually, we settled down and played Hearts until 5 AM. Erik seems to be feeling a little tired.
I learned a few things. I never want to go to Mexico again (all theories based on my hatred of two over-nighters in the Mexico City Airport). Also, if I ever design airport benches, I WILL NOT put arm rests. They poke into your back when trying to sleep.
I am grateful for these guys. They seriously helped me so much. I especially am thankful that they cared about me enough to claim me as a spouse every time we went through customs...

Finally, we made it to Panama and there waiting was Brother Galke. Oh, I just love him and his family. They are so generous and it was SO great to spend so much time with them.

Here are some memories from the first day (the guys recorded these...they're so good):
Road trip to Vegas
Amber Sleeping in the car
World Cup in Cedar City at Chili's
Parking the Car at the Airport (E2)
Flying to Mexico City
Guy snoring on the plane to Mexico City
Pollo or Pasta… Do you have Ginger ale?
Mexico City Airport
Asking 3 different people for directions and were still lost
Customs (Amber's Orange)
Kicked out of the Airport until 4
Let’s go outside… ok let’s go back in
The smell of Mexico City
Honeymooners that Mark knew from BYU in the Airport
Hearts… Derrick lost
Sleeping in the Airport Strategies
Amber- Under the arm rests
Derrick- Let’s make a tent
Erik- just let me sleep
Mark- I can’t sleep

Total hours of sleep: 2 hours per person

Plane ride to Panama
Very little sleep on the plane
Eggs disgusting/ other stuff looked weird (ask Derrick)
It’s Sunday
Immigration (What is the Address where you will be staying?)
Customs (Derrick and Amber are Married???)
Meet Galke’s
Welcome basket on the bed

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