Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye Time

We're almost graduated!
Baltimore Orioles Game
We all went to the Orioles baseball game in Baltimore our last night together. They won! We had hoped to go to a Nationals game but we procrastinated. Natalie, Kristen and Meggie's mentor teacher, and Melanie, along with Carolyn and Kristen's family joined. Oh, and so did Fran. Can't forget Fran!!
Our wonderful seats. haha.
Last day at Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Friday we did not have school. We took our last time around the National Mall. Here is the FDR memorial with his Four Freedoms.
The Lincoln Memorial at Night
Vietnam Memorial
World War II and The Washington Monument (the Capitol is poking out from the Monument barely...)
We didn't have anyone extra to take a picture. Thank goodness for my self-timing camera! A little stair was the highest place to lay it...At the WWII Memorial
Oh how I love the following people...
Kristen, Mr. and Mrs. Brently, and Meggie
Mr. Brently is a flute teacher at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. He (and his wife, we discovered) is SO witty. He is so quick on his feet. He is really classy and very traveled. He would always give us advice of where to eat and what way to drive when we went on our adventures. (We always just nodded not knowing where we were or how to get anywhere. He did have some great suggestions!)
Mr. Bennett
Mr. Bennett was the anatomy teacher. He was also a member of our lunch crew. He is one of the most tender hearted people I know. We expecially love him when he talks with his hands and his giant ring flops around.
Ms. Chandler
Ms. Chandler was my mentor teacher. Boy did we have some GREAT times. She was always so generous to me. She took care of me and I learned a lot from her. I appreciated that she just let me take over her class completely and didn't micromanage. She turned into a really great friend.

Oh the stories...I could share about all these students. I miss them so much.
Alayna, Julissa, Ta'Quan, and Shane
6th Period. Can you tell that all the girls in the front are dancers?
Visitors to the lunch group. Usually it was just Ms. Avant, Ms. Chandler, Mr. Brentley, Mr. Bennett, Nicki, Kristen, Meggie, and me. Our last day, Ms. Chandler and others arranged a full on feast! They brought in Wingo's (Ms. Chandler was so sad we didn't have time to go! She brought it catered!) and all kinds of candy, desserts, chips, and drinks. Kristen and her mom stopped and got the delectable Georgetown Cupcakes. Delish.
Amber, Kristen, Ms. Bonnie, and Meggie
I just love these students...Eric, Sharifa, and Aaron
Ji'had was so proud of his yellow pen matching his yellow shirt. I'm pretty sure his shoes matched as well...
4th Period
I forgot to take a picture with 2nd period and I was so so so mad. Here are a few of them. Ms. Chandler, Reggie, Me, Danielle, Sahar, and Jasmine.
The Penthouse--one last time. Wendy, Susie, Carolyn, Kristen, and me
Ben's Chili Bowl
A DC must. It was the restaurant Obama went to first upon moving to DC and believe me...there are pictures of him to prove it. And Bill Cosby. I love Bill.
Typical DESA assembly. Kristen--if you are reading this will you email me the video clip? This was performed to a song by Aeretha Franklin. It was a Spiritual and they were in choir/preacher robes. It was awesome.
My Dominican Republic girl, Carolina, a future ballerina, getting the "A-Train" award. Those of you who don't know what the A-Train is...it's straight A's. hahaha. Welcome to DC.
Clifton--future star pianist
Matthew at his senior recital playing his trumpet.
Symone showing off her beautiful voice!

I'm sad our experience in DC was over. What a memorable time it was! I learned so much and have a ton of pictures, best friends, and a bit of debt to prove it. Go to DC!!!!

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Hi. I am going to DC in July to visit Edem. What should I definitely do while there??? :)