Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things I Miss about DC

1. 7 Female Roommates (no sarcasm)
2. The Express (it's so much easier to read the real news paper then on-line!!!)
3. Afternoon naps with Kristen and Meggie
4. Turing off Kristen and Meggie's lights when they fall asleep reading
5. Making fun of Meggie for falling asleep during anything spiritual (reading scriptures, night prayers, morning prayers, sitting in George Washington's pew, sacrament meeting, etc.)
6. Fran (our pet flamingo)
7. Oliver (our borrowed car)
8. The Penthouse
9. Roommate dinners
10. Our gracious ward
11. Cherry Blossoms
12. Walking around the National Mall
13. the joys of the Red Circulator bus pulling up RIGHT as we cross the street.
14. My students
15. Ms. Chandler and the lunch crew
16. Georgetown Cupcake
17. Getting lost and having funny stories to tell the lunch crew
18. Mr. Brentley always giving us suggestions of things to do
19. Mr. Bennett's floppy ring and talking with his hands
20. hugs from students
21. "Ms. Anderson"
22. Ms. Chandler and Mrs. Avant's daily helping of sweet potatoes and turkey wings
23. Pictures of EVERYTHING
24. trips with Carolyn, Kristen and Meggie to get Ben & Jerrys
25. Dunkin Donuts with Meggie and Kristen (Berry Creme donuts--try them)
26. Saying--"we are going to loose so much weight when we go home"
27. Getting stuck in the Metro
28. boy's in high heels--oh, wait.
29. American History Museum
30. Sunday afternoon trips
31. Marisha--always there to read me like a book
32. random metro trips to Deanwood, the Cheesecake factory, and the Barlow

the list will continue.
ROOMMATES--comment to add your own :)


Linze Kate said...

I know you are missing on DC - and with every right becaise it is SO amazing, haha! - however, I am SO glad that you are back! It was heaven seeing you and we MUST do it more before you leave for Idaho country...

Love your face! - *muah*

Meggie said...

I miss seeing you everyday!!! Although, I've seen you quite a bit!

Kylii-Smiley said...

you had a pet flamingo? how interesting. Kylii smiley :-)

Kristen Nicole said...

berry creme donuts! Those words are torture to me now...oh I miss them so much.

Heather said...

It looks like you had so much fun. Keep me posted on the job search and the excitement of living on people's couches!