Saturday, May 2, 2009

Graduation--College. Check.

I am realizing that my blog is turning into one great big photo album. But, here goes another picture filled post!

Graduation morning was the most chill day of my recent life. In DC, and back again in Provo, life has been so busy. I left DC for the Long Beach airport after frantically cleaning, packing, and making a few last stops. This was quite the process as it was interrupted with about 6 series of saying goodbye's to six different roommates.

The night before graduation, Kristen and I spent the night at Carolyn's house. We had planned an event for all of the parents of the DC girls to gather and meet eachother. Meggie created an amazing slide show. Anyways, we just hung around that morning waiting for the time we should put on those tacky hats and for our parents to arrive. It was the first time I have had time in the morning to sit around in SO long, since I've been working full time ever since I got back from DC.

FINALLY my parents got to Provo and, after a series of interesting directions (let's be honest, I still don't understand the grid system and I never look at street signs), they made it to Carolyn's apartment. Kristen, Meggie, and I packed into the car. They dropped us off on campus to find our way in the procession line and left to park.
Naturally--we ended up doing this instead. Below is the library, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in this building. It is probably my favorite on campus. Since I get distracted easily I go there. My roommates make fun of me because I go to concentrate and work, yet I also go for my social life. I LOVE the library and seeing so many people.
We also ran into Adam and Chance. They are our long time EFY friends turned BYUSA President and Vice President. We've all had a wild ride these past few years as we've participated in EFY, campaigns, and other social events. I love these people.
THEN I saw Diane and Coral! They are in charge of the Records/Registration Office at work. They have done so much for me these past few years and it was great to see them.
Here are the DC ladies--minus Marisha and Colleen. As follows, Carolyn, Kristen, Susie, me, Wendy, and Meggie. It's funny how much time we've spent together since returning to Provo.
Elder Uchtdorf is given his Honorary Degree from BYU.
The DC people once again after Commencement.
My past roommates Amy and Carie have done so much for me. They brought me these beautiful flowers and came to graduation to see me. They are always so generous. I've been sleeping on their couch for like the past 3 weeks. Carie even gave me her bed for a few days when she went out of town. And I sure can't forget to mention the cinnamon rolls Amy a matter of fact...I can't believe I didn't take pictures and create a whole post about them. They are INCREDIBLE. Anyways, these girls are so great to me. Notice the flowers in the following pictures. Thanks! I love ya'll!
Maren was my freshman roommate. We started off in DC as total opposites, yet have gotten along perfectly. I think we have blended a little to become a little more alike. I think I just got smarter so she can bare to have intelligent discussions with me now. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and her mom has greatly spoiled me with the cutest shirts (I was always jealous of Maren when we lived together because her mom would send her clothes. My mom sends me clothes, too--just to throw that out there and not offend. Anyways--I love both of our moms. And I love Maren--even though she is married and boring...).
Just think of the THOUSANDS of people who have taken pictures right here. You probably did it too...
My Family
Mom and Dad
This is quite possibly the best picture Sheldon and I have ever taken...He graduates this year from high school in Cali. Crazy.
My best friend, Coralie and her son, Jaden. Jaden had a little fall and was bleeding, hence the stain on Coralie.
After Convocation--receiving the diploma cover.
The fashion show of Sheldon begins...
Maybe he'll be the intellectual one?
My family and Brig
I am so glad my family was able to come. Without the support of my parents, my entire college experience would have been completely different. They have been extremely supportive. I have always known that they care about me and want me to succeed. I constantly vent and bounce ideas off of them--and they never get frustrated with me, even when I fail to take their advice. I am so grateful for them and I have learned a lot from our relationship. I know I would not be the person I am today without them! Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Beautiful Mom. She wanted a facebook picture. What is this world coming to? ;)
I tried to get my camera to take a family photo on self timer. It looked ridiculous. We looked ridiculous. This funny man wanted to save us from our ridiculousness and took a picture for us.
Which looks a little better, but we were all laughing. In ten years, I will regret wearing this coat probably...
Cute little Sheldon
Isn't he just adorable. Girls--he's single. You can write him on his mission.


Mindy said...

No ma'am ... I have never taken a picture right there. Although, I have been tempted. :)

Linze Kate said...

I love the coat. I love the picture blog. I love you.
The end.

P.S. This weekend? More play time? Done and done. Let me know your schedule...

mums said...

It was so good seeing you and your mom again! You were everything a mom could have wished for in a roomie for her daughter. Good times! I stood on the field that was once Deseret Towers and held a moment of silence in its honor.
Maren's Mom