Friday, October 3, 2008

Funny things happen at the HBLL

Picture this, if you will.

Setting: NoShhh Zone. Thursday. 5 PM. Circular (Ovalcular?) table. Six computers. Six strangers.

Occurance: Everything was typical in the NoShh. People frantically printing off papers at the printing stations. Facebook pulled up on 75% of the computers, gmail on the other 25%. People fast asleep on the soft chairs by the window, while individuals at the group work tables are flirting with a hopeful eternal companion. Back to my own world, I was working on statistics when the guy next to me just started laughing. LAUGHING. Alone. Just laughing away. All of us at the computer looked at each other awkwardly while trying to hide our grins. He didn't stop. We struggled to contain our smiles and covered the bottom half of our faces with anything avaliable--hands, notebooks, paper. Neighboring tables began to look. They started to smile. The guy kept laughing. Louder and louder it got.

Then it happened. The girl next to me laughed outloud. It was contaigious. We all started laughing. We hid behind our computers, not to embarrass the laughing guy. Another stranger down the table had veins popping out of his head because he was trying to suppress his laughter so fervently. As we tried to suppress our laughter, the guys laugh got louder and louder. He kept looking at his computer, never allowing his eyes to leave the screen.

He was laughing so hard and everyone--EVERYONE--looked. I looked at him to see if he noticed us. He didn't. Belly laughs came out from the guy...tears rolled down his face.

And then. He wiped the tears from his face, put his glasses back on, and...continued typing. The end. No, "hey, this is really funny" or "sorry, funny article." Nope, nothing. He just wiped his tears and kept on typing.

It was seriously the funniest time of my life. No exaggerations.


Mary Rose said...

Seriously, that is SO funny! I love those random moments! You are so great! (don't worry, I read your blog to my family, they loved it ;)

Linze Kate said...

I was laughing out loud just reading that - maybe I'm like that guy! Oh. I knew I should have gone to the library more in college...

Haha! Hey, today at conference Elder Wirthlin DID say to laugh more! :)


Next week: Schedule? Let's do something - no conflicts - let's make it happen.

Laura Chapman said...

That sounds entertaining. And people say the library is boring!!