Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quotes: In the Life of a Ninth Grade Teacher

It's hard to believe that all of these can come from one student in one day. I've spoke about him before--the one who has some behavioral disabilities and the guys in the class are so so good to him.

Quote 1: Anyways, they are working in a corner right now and I hear a high pitched voice, "I did not do that!" "I did not do that!" I looked over quickly because yesterday this student dropped and cracked a MAC laptop. I look over and see him surrounded with 3 guys with their noses tucked in their shirts. hahahahaha...

Quote 2:
___--"Miss Anderson--I will never die."
Me--"Oh really? I thought we all had to die."
___--"Well normal human beings do. I'm a demigod. Demigods don't die. That means you are half mortal and half human. My father is the ancient Greek god _______, therefore, I won't die. I mean I can, but it's just a lot harder for me than it is for most people."
Me--"Oh really. Well I'm glad you aren't going anywhere."

Quote 3:
Well this isn't really a quote but he's currently staring at me and screaming, barking, and "ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, EW, EWWWWW, EWWWWWWW!!!" Then, as I continue to stare at him, he proceeds to zip his zipper. Oh the joys...


Simonds Family said...

hahaha...oh my, oh my.

siovhan said...

that is classic.
aren't kids {of all ages} just wonderful?!

annandjake said...

Love. It.
So on Tuesday when I was there for two seconds, I saw Zach. He told me that he was only one pound when he was born because he was like three months early... but never fear! The doctor injected him with a special resin that saved his life.
The end.
I will miss him. Special kid!