Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions

It's true, it is the next to last day of January and I am just joining the band wagon of posting my New Years Resolutions to the ol' blog. Why wait? Well, let's be honest, I had to make sure that I would actually achieve them for 1/12 of the year first ;) Ok--just kidding (kind of). Here they are in no specific order:

1. Have one meaningful conversation with a student daily.
2. Write Sheldon weekly (when he leaves in March) (January and February. Check.)
3. Pay off my Student Loan (only $550 left!) and Charlie the Civic ($3500, goo.)
4. Vocal evening prayer
5. Leave the country (just for a week or so...). I got my passport, finally :)
6. 100% Visiting Teaching
7. Let myself fall for someone (hmmmm...)
8. Attend the temple monthly

There are a few more :) But we'll work on these first.
(And the picture is how I'll look when I accomplish all of these things. Very doable.)


Lisa said...

9. Hang out with old roommates who miss you lots. :)

Lovin Life said...

Those are awesome New Years Resolutions.. I think #7 will be the hardest for you, because we both know how you work.. But I am excited for you!!! Love you!

Maren said...

Leave the country and COME TO CHINA!!! Your lodgings are already taken care of and everything's cheap know you want to... ;)

Simonds Family said...

hmm...when you finish no. 3 you can start on mine if you just don't know what to do with all the extra cash ;-)
Sounds like a lot of really good goals. Which reminds me of my, me, talk.