Friday, November 20, 2009

Quotes: In the Life of a Ninth Grade Teacher

Student: "Next year will we call it two-thousand-oh-ten?"

Ms. Anderson: What are some characteristics of the original Southern Colonies?
Student 1: Fertile Soil
Student 2: That's where all the criminals were sent
Student 3: The urinals?
(my uncontrollable laughter)
Ms. Anderson: Yes...the urinals

Today, in class, we're reading current event articles. One article students chose to read was on Peru Police Charged Gang for Killing People for their Fat.

Student: Man, I'd hate to be fat in that country...

Student: Ms. Anderson, have you ever thought what human meat would taste like?
Ms. Anderson: No, for some reason I haven't.
(Class thinks)
Ms. Anderson: But...I wonder if it would be white meat like chicken or red meat like beef...
(insightful conversation we all have)

I love Friday's.

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Kasey said...

Test Question: What is the reason that we have the different seasons?
Student's Answer: To make meat taste good.

haha I love correcting your worksheets and tests!