Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year, Anne at work let me borrow a costume she made for Halloween a few years back. I absolutely LOVED it. I usually don't love dressing up, but I guess I just need to borrow Anne's costumes yearly (this year, her and her husband were skeletons. She's pregnant, so she put a little baby skeleton rocking out to a guitar under her ribcage. I just love her.) Anyways, she let me borrow her candy corn outfit that she created. It was so fun, though slightly difficult to dance with a hula hoop around my knees in a large crowd of people.

My roommates were so great to me. They went all out and made probably 10 different desserts and hosted a dessert party and came to a dinner thing Saturday afternoon. They are just such great people and I'm so blessed to live with them. They were so nice to organize everything and invite so many of my friends. The picture above is us dressed to go to a giant stake Halloween party at Noah's in Pleasant Grove. Meggie is a thug (it was pretty normal for her to act like this so I don't know why she did it), Carolyn was an authentic Minnie Mouse, and Ruth-Anne was a cute little nurse trying to save the world of the swine flu one victim at a time.

It was a really great Halloween weekend!


Kylii-Smiley said...

Happy LAte Birthday cuz!

Lovin Life said...

Amber I love your costume!!! I'm glad you had a good birthday. We are getting OLD!!!

Maren said...