Monday, September 7, 2009

Miss Anderson?

Well, it turns out I'm a teacher. The first day was really hard, but since then it has gotten infinitely better. Honestly, I think I was just shocked from the transition between my seniors in DC to my middle schoolers now. I have to be at the school at 6:55, so I'm leaving Provo pretty early. I know I need to move to SLC but it's just a huge move. Mainly because I don't know anyone in Salt Lake and I'm not familiar with the area and good wards and fun places to move.

Here are some pictures of my classroom. When I moved in it was trashed. I'm getting proud :) Now, if I only had a projector or, even better, air conditioning...

So, yes, this is my new life. I feel like I understand why my teachers were always crazy...they were just frazzled and now I think I'm going to become that way. I love teaching and I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually.

Middle School, here I come!


The life of a college girl said...

I love your cute classroom Amber!!! No need to move to SLC, stay here where all of the cool people are..... jk I know a few people in SLC that can probably help ya out if you are interested... let me know. Love ya girl

Adam R. said...

The joys...I was trying to remember how old my teachers in High School were. Because, I don't remember them being as cute or as young as you. Anyway...keep it up!