Monday, September 21, 2009

Classroom Quotes

I never wanted to be this way, but here I am, talking about nothing but school. Reading through an old journal yesterday, I realized that I wish I wrote down stories and events in my life. Well, these aren't stories, but funny quotes.

Ms. A: (discussing the five themes of geography, movement being one of them). Call out every mode of transportation you've ever traveled on.
Student: Car, boat, train
Student: plane, skateboard
Student: My mom.
Me: What?! How? Piggy back ride?
Class: (laughter)
Student: No. She carried me around for 9 months. That counts right?
Me: Sure, I guess!

In the crowded hall.
Student: Ms. Anderson, I'm your favorite student, aren't I?
Student: No! I am, huh, Ms. Anderson?
Me: Oh, you both are. Cop out answer, right?
Student: No I am!
Student: But I know all the states and capitals.

Yes, yes she does. Oh the joys of middle school...


Adam R. said...

That last quote is amazing! I really love it.

Maren said...

I'm glad you're finding joy in your work. :) Now roomie, why do you never come on gchat or anything? Hm? Then again...maybe you do. Except I'm sleeping all day until it's night for you! Haha

Justin and Coralie said...

I love it. I'm glad you're finding things to keep you entertained :)