Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week of March 8

Sunday, March 8, 2009--We have started to take Sunday afternoon trips and they have been our greatest joy.
Jefferson Memorial--Wendy, Mike, Carolyn, Kristen, Ryan, Amber. Superhero pose. This was the whole crew on our adventure. Mike drove us to the FDR Memorial and then we walked to the Jefferson Memorial. It was the most incredible weather. I realized how happy I really am when I am outside, as this was the first time it felt good enough to spend time outside since Fall.
Jefferson Memorial--Thank you, Ryan, for your expert posing skills. And, even more so, thank you Wendy for not wearing your ridiculous glasses.
We love old TJ
In awe...Don't worry, I was sore after this cartwheel ;) Again, Ryan was the brain behind the operation.
We ran into these great military officers.
Outside the TJM
George Mason Statue
He drafted the Virginia Declaration of Rights which was the document that many of the phrases of the Declaration of Independence was drafted from. He more boldly declared equal rights for all individuals which Thomas Jefferson later lightly repeated.
With FDR and his little dog. Please note Wendy's glasses. She is our special roommate.
Depression Soup Kitchen Line--these were the people posing with the statues in front of us. They took a very long time, so we decided to take pictures of them instead.
It was a sorrowful day.Our Christmas Card Family PictureOur City :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Dr. and Sister Hansen, the National Teaching Coordinators, came to observe us from BYU. It was great to see some familiar faces. They met us at our apartment (the picture above is in our lobby with a doorman) and we had a quick seminar. Then they took us to dinner.
and it was delish. It was New Orleans Style eating.

Thursday, March 12, 2009
Our friend, Mike, got us tickets to go to the Senate and House. We heard a debate on DC Voting rights (which I loved because we've been debating this in class and following as it's appeared in Congress. PS--it's stalled because they tacked a voting rights bill on it which DC residents aren't too fond of) . There were NO congress people sitting in on the debates. It was so sad. We also heard a presentation on global warming. Quite exciting. Kristen and I arrived a bit early and explored the Botanical Gardens across the lawn from the Capitol building.
Haha--we have to get creative.

Friday, March 13, 2009
And to introduce one of the funnest weekends of my DC experience. It all started with this little guy, Oliver (the car, obviously). We asked for a ride to the temple and Sarah in our ward volunteered to lend us her car. It was SO great to have a car. What an experience.
The trip to the temple was so great. It was nice to sit in silence. The youth group was fun to watch. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago we entered for the first time! Mostly, the four of us sat in silence.
Washington, DC LDS Temple
Then, the excitement began. We got lost. We ended up at the wrong Target. It was closed. We found the right Target (my mom will be amazed that I've only been to Target twice in 3 months). We went to Wendy's (our directions told us to turn right at there, so naturally we ate there too). It was the wrong Wendy's. We were a block away from home and missed the turn. We ended up at the Lincoln Monument before we could turn around. We almost died in a head on collision. Apparently, Kristen doesn't have night vision or depth perception. Good thing we assigned her to drive.
Eventually we got home. I accidentally squished Kristen's loaf of bread. Somehow, Carolyn and Kristen started throwing it at one another, I found it and hit Meggie with it (it exploded). Instant bread crumbs. We have a hilarious video i'll have to add later. Oh wow, what a funny night. It was SO great to have a car!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday night, we went to Georgetown Cupcake, the cutest little cupcake shop which ALWAYS has a line. We bought cupcakes before heading to Our Town at Duke Ellington (to give away of course...).
This picture was from the last time we graced Georgetown Cupcake, but the message is the same. Delish.
Our Town was SO good. I seriously loved it. It was one of the best plays I have ever seen. I felt like a proud parent watching our kids perform. Elijah waved at me as a part of his character. It melted my heart. I love those kids. Memorable quotes... "Don't spill the beans!" "cokle-doodle-doo!!!"
Then we took Oliver to a black and white Mocktail Party. It was pretty posh, at a old stake president/ representative from Oklahoma's home in Alexandria. Well we got lost. For a long period of time, but made it there for the end. It was fun. Notice the black and white.And, then we put gas in Oliver. Well, we delegated.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon, we went to the National Cathedral. I accidentally declared my testimony of the Catholic Church when we sang a song. Everyone else in my group skipped that song, but apparently I felt strongly about my experience and decided to testify. It was a fun group and we heard some new insights, such as: adultery is the skeleton in all of our closets (oh really?) and "we break the sabbath", but "we're all in this together." (I guess it's better to sin collectively). It was pretty entertaining. I am really glad we were able to go.

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Nicole Dyer said...

I love the soup kitchen line pictures! haha It's so annoying when people take forever. I really like that I can see what you've been doing every day. You're so busy. Wow! When do you come back? Talk to me girl...Love ya tons!