Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Amber: "Who is our Supreme Court Chief Justice?"
Female Student: "Judge Mathis."
Amber: "hahahaha, you mean the equivalent of Judge Judy? Danielle...I WILL be sharing this answer with everyone I know."

Male Student's cell phone beeps while someone is commenting in class.
Same Male Student: 2 seconds pass, "cough."
Class looks at him and begins to chuckle
Ms. Anderson: "hahahahah, did you seriously just cough to cover up your cell phone?"

Ms. Chandler: "Son, take off your hat!"
Ms. Chandler: "Boy, take of your hat!"
Ms. Chandler: "Take your hat off now."
Male Student: "Ms. Chandler, it's my thinking cap."
Days later...
Ms. Chandler: "Boy, take off your hat"
Ms. Anderson passes out quiz. Students begin to work on quiz. Ms. Anderson looks at above mentioned male student who seems to be stumped. She observes him slump into his chair, retrieve his "thinking cap," put it on his head, give the top of his head a little massage, and easily finish the test.

More funny stories to be reported. I just have to edit all the good ones so that if I ever run for public office they won't be held against me ;)

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Linze Kate said...

Classic. I am loving the thinking cap story.... *muah*

Miss you!!!!