Thursday, December 31, 2009

An After-Christmas Adventure

My Provo roommate and I decided to go on an adventure to the luxurious land of Los Angeles. I drove to Corona to join forces with Meggie. With the help of Meggie's parents VERY nice car and a GPS that we named, actually, I don't think we named it, we made it all over the place.

Part 1: We met up with my friend Greg (naturally we didn't take a picture) in La Miranda. He treated us to lunch at this little Mexican restaurant. It was great and Meggie was hilarious, entertaining us as always. I won't tell you what she told us about (you are welcome Meggie), but if you know Meggie, I am sure you will be entertained just thinking about it.
Part 2: Griffith Observatory which happens to overlook this sign. Hollywood, CA, here we were.
Here is the Observatory, which reminds me of the BYU Jerusalem center. If you've been to Jerusalem (and I haven't), apparently you don't need to go here...
An amazing overlook of the city.
Part 3: We were driving to our next destination when we accidentally drove by these random stars on the ground. Naturally, we stopped to see what all the commotion was about. Here we have Janet.
And the Three Stooges...

After this photo, a homeless man stopped us to talk and give us some pages that appeared to be torn out of a Bible. At first we fended him off (two girls alone on the street!), but he was very persistant. I then remembered that I had a Book of Mormon in my purse. Apparently, that is all you need to fend off lone men on Hollywood Blvd. We shared our faith with eachother for a little bit and then seemed to agree to disagree. Actually, I'm not really sure what we agreed on. It was an odd situation. Meggie said there was a doorman watching out for us. Thank you, doorman. It was a fun little experience.

Part 4: We continued on our journey to find the Vanilla Bake Shop which was highly recommended by Kristen. We absolutely loved Georgetown Cupcake (see below) when we lived in DC but Kristen always talked about this place. I will now insert Meggie's explanation of what occurred at that blessed little shop...
Says Meggie, "
We didn't even know if Vanilla Bake Shop was going to be open, but we made it just before closing. As is customary with fancy cupcake shops, they offered the amazing deal of 3 mini cupcakes for $5. A steal, right? While the price wasn't ideal, we didn't mind splurging for high quality (which usually means the frosting is really really good). To our surprise and delight, the lady at the counter let us each have SIX for $5 because the shop was closing. We got our boxes, and when it was time to pay she changed her mind about the deal.

She gave us all twelve for the price of three. Vanilla Bake Shop, I love you."(Don't tell Kristen...but I loved Georgetown Cupcake infinitely more. Or maybe we just needed Kristen to show us the ropes...)
Part 5: We met up with Adam and Aaron McKell at the LA temple to see the temple lights. It is such a beautiful temple and we had some good talks.
Thank goodness for timer settings on the camera :) Very useful. (Notice how there are NO gloves, hats, scarves, etc. in this picture. Thank you 60 degree weather.)
Also, thank goodness for parents and siblings who will always take 42 pictures of you. We love you. The McKells then treated us to hot chocolate which was a perfect way to end such an amazing day!


Mindy said...

I miss you. You are too cute.

Meggie said...

"Apparently, that is all you need to fend off lone men on Hollywood Blvd."

I laughed out loud. Thank you. Great pictures too!